Between Us: The Series – Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9

Episode 9 of Between Us starts with Dean asking Win to check over Team who was getting nervous before the swim test. Win takes Team away in front of the other Swim Club members. A and Sea mock Vee for putting on way too much sunscreen but he still rushes to meet Prince who is the brand ambassador of the sunscreen.

Win asks Team if he was feeling okay and asked him to be confident by giving him a hug to motivate him. Team starts tearing up when Win states he will always be watching over Team. Team promises that he will eventually share his trauma with Win when he is ready. Win hopes to lighten the mood and gives Team a peck on the lips for good luck. Team gets all shy and leaves to go back to the pool as Win follows.

Bee meets Prince in the men’s room and the actor helps his boyfriend blend the sunscreen on his face. He gives Prince a kiss but Prince starts thinking if they really have a future together given his popularity and the restrictions that come with it. Bee worries that Prince is way out of his league and that the actor was only adjusting to a nobody like Bee.

The two confess their honest feelings for each other and decide that they would keep it a secret from everyone until they’re ready. Another time, Manow and Pharm as well as Prince are at the Swim Club to support Team and Bee respectively. Team looks at Win for support and dives into the pool eventually finishing the race first followed by Bee and the others.

Their supporter cheers the swimmers on with Team looking towards Win. That night, Team thinks about his friend that died and dedicates his gold medal to him. The swim club seniors praise Team and Phruek suggests they go have a celebration at the resort. Dean mentions that Win sponsored the one-night vacation for Team.

Back at home, Waan is playing an online game with T-Rex aka Tul and the student accidentally slips up more details about him. Waan is not able to pick on them and Tul introduces himself as Tee to throw him off. The next day, Win sends Team off to spend the holidays with his family. The couple flirt before Team leaves to go back home to see his parents.

Team spends some fun time with his parents over lunch. His mother asks him to go pay his respects to his childhood friend and Team tenses up. Meanwhile, Win and his entire family are awkward around each other before their first family meal in a while. Waan leaves without starting the meal because of the awkward tension while Wiew is also uncomfortable.

That night, A and Sea talk to Bee about his new relationship with an actor. Bee mentions he will be taking one day at a time with Prince. The trio then celebrate the new year over fried chicken and drinks while Prince joins them, tired after his shoot. Prince crashes into Bee’s bed and the business student kicks his friends out to let the actor rest.

Bee helps clean Prince’s makeup off as he sleeps. At the same time, Team wishes Win a happy new year over the phone. Team meets the mother of his childhood friend and they have an uncomfortable conversation about Ton. Later that night, Team asks to sleep with his parents in order to help with his nightmares. Team talks to his parents about Ton’s passing and they help calm him down to some extent.

The next day, Team visits Ton’s grave and dedicates his gold medal to his late childhood friend. Team ends up breaking down talking to his friend and asks if Ton had forgiven him for the accident. He apologises before running away when Ton’s mother arrives to clean up the tombstone. Team starts sobbing in agony as he overhears her talk to Ton’s tombstone wishing he hadn’t gone to play with Team.

Back at home, Wiew asks Win about Team prompting him to call Team. Wiew teases Win about being in love with Team but Win panics when he hears Team crying on the other end of the phone. Win rushes to meet Team at his hometown on his bike in the pouring rain.

Team is still at the tombstone crying about feeling guilty about Ton’s death when Win finds him. He narrates the incident to Win and wonders why it wasn’t him who died that evening. Win takes Team to a hotel and the latter informs his parents that he will be staying out that night.

Team is worried that Win drove all the way from Bangkok to see Team when it was dangerous. Win states that calling him was the right decision for Team and promises to be there whenever Team needs him. The couple embraces as Win states how grateful he was that Team was okay. 

The Episode Review

Wow, I have so many questions after this episode. First, why do Team’s parents seem homophobic and how is he upset about Win not introducing him to his parents when Team himself was so shy about telling his parents about his potential ‘boyfriend’?

Second, how did Team go all day at the graveyard without telling his parents? And how were they not worried about his safety that Win could drive for 2 hours from Bangkok in order to get to Team first?

Another question comes from just why Ton’s date of birth and date of death are set 500 years from today? Is this Thai BL set 500 years in the future and if so, why are they still using present-day technology?

The episodes are going steady and we are finally getting into Team’s trauma. I hope there is more intimacy in the episodes to come because that is what fans enjoy a lot, given BounPrem’s chemistry. However, Bee and Prince’s romance in this episode are good and I think they are both extremely cute.

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