Between Us: The Series – Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Between Us opens with Team having a nightmare from the time when he was in a drowning accident that caused the death of his friend. His friend ended up drowning to death as he tried to save Win and the child’s mother blamed Team for the incident.

Win finds Team outside his dorm room and rushes to hug him as he apologises for leaving him alone. Win promises Team that he would be there for him which makes Team happy. He takes Team inside the room and Win tucks him in bed. Team tells Win that he had been having the same nightmares a lot lately but never once when he was with Win.

He goes off to sleep with Win patting him on the head as he is left deep in thought. While in the shower, Win thinks back at how he handled Team’s drowning situation. He finally comes to terms with the fact that he was falling in love with Team and promises to never disappear from Team again.

The next day, the swim club is having an initiation ceremony for the new joinees of the Swim Club. Team is the last one to be dunked in the pool and is irritated because he was probably going to be picked on a lot. A and Sea tease Bee about being totally in love with Prince while Win treats Team to a nice breakfast.

The two chat about Team’s friendship with Pharm when Win asks if Team cared for him or felt protective over him. Team hesitates before answering with a yes to both questions. Waan brings Wiew to the University to meet Win where the middle child introduces Team to his older sibling for the first time.

Wiew drags Team around asking for a tour of the University. Waan asks Win if Team was the guy he was in love with and Win responds assertively. Team introduces Wiew to Pharm and together the three tour around the campus. Since Win is busy, he asks Tul to hang out with Waan. Tul takes Waan to the cafeteria and the two have a meal together.

Waan suspects that it was possible that he knew Tul but the latter tries to change his voice to throw Waan off. At the swim club, A and Sea watch as Prince and Bee flirt with each there. However, Prince’s manager, Tum arrives at the club and scolds him for wasting his free time when he could be resting from his already chaotic schedule.

Tum is really arrogant with Prince and states that he could not be in love with anyone so early in his acting career. Bee overhears the conversation and is hurt about Prince getting scolded. Prince meets Bee and the two chat about the incident with the latter making Prince feel better about the scolding.

Win and Team are heading back to the swim club when they overhear some students badmouthing Dean for being gay despite his handsomeness. Team is furious but Win stops him from fighting with the students. Win tries to calm Team and convinces him to stop being angry about people whose opinions that do not matter.

Team is still upset but Win tries to pacify him with a hug. Win asks Team if he was worried about how people perceived their relationship. Team states that he does not worry about them because Win makes him strong. After their conversation, Win drags Team to the swim club to be dunked.

Phruek apologises to Manow for not attending her drama performance as he was busy with the swim club. The two flirt for a while after Phruek asks for a picture with the actress. The swim club juniors and Win are out drinking when they notice that Bee was in a pissy mood.

Team asks if this was about Prince and if he liked the actor but Bee states that he wasn’t sure. The group discusses how being unsure was not optimal for any relationship which leads Win and Team to think and reflect on theirs. Team goes to the restroom and Win follows him. There the two starts making out and Win drags Team inside a stall where the two have sex. 

The Episode Review

I’m so happy for Win and Team finally hooking up because, unlike most BL dramas, this one has turned into an emotional roller coaster. I wish there was more romance and fewer emotions but it seems like this part of the story was also really significant to their relationship.

I am pretty sure that both Team and Win are not going to have a tough time establishing their relationship status because we have already seen how it ends for our ‘broccoli couple’. However, it will be fun to see Team take the first step in order to cement their relationship from what we saw in the promo for the next episode.

I feel really bad for Prince and the fact that his acting career is keeping him from living like a normal student, but this fact is probably true for many of our favourite K-pop idols and Asian actors who get famous at a young age. I like how Bee handles the situation and it would be cute seeing Prince and Bee date.

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