Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 33 & 34 Recap & Review

Officer Kim Cheong-Ah

After last week cliffhanger’s ending, we catch up with all of our characters one year later. Quite a lot has changed for our two main sisters and with Jin-Woo now awake, things are set to become a little more complicated. The episode also brings the return of Joon-Hwi too, which should also offer up some fun scenes between him and Cheong-Ah.

We begin with Jin-Woo waking up but instead of his wife, Hae-Rang is next to him and it is here we realise that one year has passed. She quickly calls Hwa-Young who rushes over, relieved that her son has finally woken up. We then cut to Seol-Ah who has gone through with the divorce and is currently presenting a morning show on the radio. We also see that she’s become very good friends with Tae-Rang. However, life isn’t easy for Seol, as rumours spread that she’s abandoned her coma-tose husband and has received a big alimony.

Cheong-Ah starts her job as a policewoman at the same station as Joon-Ik but struggles as she’s very nervous with all the new tasks she has to accomplish, while her colleagues give her a hard time. Back at the hospital, Hwa-Young catches her son up on what’s been happening. Tae-Rang picks up Seol-Ah to go shopping and it’s here we see see that he has feelings for her. As they leave each other, she receives a call from Jin Woo and is shocked to hear his voice. She heads straight to the hospital where he berates her for leaving him but receives a shock himself when she replies that he’s the one that left and wronged her.

Back home, a docile Hae-Rang asks Hwa-Young if Seol-Ah has visited Jin-Woo. Hwa-Young tells her not to worry as she’s the one who has been looking after him all this time and everyone knows that the couple is divorced. Meanwhile at the Kim household, Yoong-Woong is frustrated for his daughter Seol after everything she has been through this year. Arriving home, Seol-Ah tells her mum the news and she promises to stop visiting Jin-woo from now on.

Cheong-Ah meanwhile is having a tough first day trying to deal with the members of the public in the right manner. After her shift, she meets Yu-Ra for dinner and tells her all about her day. When asked if she has a crush on anyone, Cheong replies that she does but has been rejected twice. We then cut to Joon-Hwi who has just returned back in the country. He calls his mum, who tells him that Jin-Woo woke up. Surprised, he tells her that he’s back home and will visit his cousin.

After Seol-Ah finishes work, Tae-Rang arrives to pick her up. She tells him she switched her phone off as her ex-husband has woken up. He then gives her some advice and thinks she shouldn’t avoid him as they need closure, going on to reassure her that he will always be there for her.

In the Kim household, Yeon-Ah procrastinates as she doesn’t think she can get into the college she wants. She then has an idea and wants to call Joon-Hwi to see if he can do anything. After discussing her future, he leaves but only to come face to face with Cheong-Ah who decides to meet him as she heard he would be at her sister’s school. In her uniform, she greets him and they have a fun and touching reunion.

Back at the hospital, Hae-Rang tells Jin-Woo that she never gave up on him after all this time. Suddenly, Seol-Ah arrives and after Hae-Rang leaves, she reveals that they’re now divorced and doesn’t have to go there anymore as they’re now strangers. This shocks Jin-Woo greatly, which is where the episode ends.

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life has definitely grown on me over the weeks. While it had a shaky start, the show has managed to settle into a decent pace and the characters have become really likeable, especially the four main lead characters. The one year time jump feels like a good step to take too, as we see that the sisters have now matured and their lives are quite different. It looks like Tae-Rang is really smitten with Seol-Ah too. Unfortunately, with Jin-Woo now out of his coma, things might not be very simple for them as he doesn’t seem interested in Hae-Rang.

Cheong-Ah’s dream has come true as she starts her new job in the police. While she has a tough first day, her determination will definitely keep her going and I’m sure she will do a great job in the end. The best moment of the episode is certainly the reunion between her and Joon-Hwi. This was really touching and fun, especially when she greets him in her uniform by saying she has heard reports that someone strange has returned. While they should make a great couple, things might not be very easy as Cheong-Ah is still not aware of his link with Joon-Gyeom. For now though, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life remains quite the enjoyable weekend drama to watch.


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