Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 35 & 36 Recap & Review

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Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life returns with another dramatic episode, focusing this time on Jin-Woo and how he’s dealing with his divorce and his difficult mother. It’s here we see that he’s unsure of his feelings and doesn’t look like he’s ready to give up on Seol-Ah anytime soon.

We start the episode with Seol-Ah telling Jin-Woo that it was his mother who made her get a divorce. Before leaving, she asks him if he has anything else to say regarding his affair. He remains silent, shocked that she knows the truth. Hae-Rang then comes back into the room and sees a guilty Jin-Woo, now understanding Seol’s behaviour. However, Hae-Rang does her best to convince her that he did nothing wrong and that Seol-Ah should have stuck around, regardless of the situation.

Walking together, Cheong-Ah asks Joon-Hwi if he was happy to see her. Remembering his mother’s words, Joon-Hwi replies that he will have to think about it. Just as he’s telling Cheong that he’s busy, Young-Ae bumps into them and asks about Yeon-Ah. An annoyed Cheong tells her he’s busy and complains that it’s the third time he’s rejected her.

Back in hospital, Jin-Woo asks his mother why she made Seol-Ah divorce him. She explains that she sneaked into her room to reset his phone and was worried she would get all their money once they both died. As Cheong heads back home, her mum asks her what’s really going on with Joon-Hwi and worries that she’s still on her own at the age of 30. It’s here that Yeon-Ah and her father find out that Jin-Woo is awake. They then mention how much Seol has suffered and think that she should go back to her husband.

Meanwhile, Seol-Ah relays her difficult conversation with Jin-Woo to Tae-Rang while eating noodles. After ranting about her ex husband, he suggests preparing some food together and as they do, they slowly grow closer to each other. After finding out Seol-Ah has her own radio show, Jin-Woo listens to her next broadcast as she discusses letting go of the pain she is currently living with, realizing she’s talking about him.

In the Mun household, tensions are still high between Tae-Rang and Hae-Rang as they try fixing their sink. Pae-Rang does his best to make the two talk and mentions he heard that Jin-Woo has woken up. Just as the Kim family is about to eat dinner, a delivery driver brings gifts and flowers from Jin-Woo for Seol-Ah, making her angry and she decides to send them all back. This prompts her to call her ex-husband asking him what he’s playing at. After listening to her radio show, he tells her he wasn’t able to sleep and now wants to meet.

After she hangs up, Jin-Woo reminisces about their time together and wishes they could start over. Suddenly, Young-Ae arrives in his room and berates him for breaking his daughter’s heart. She tells him that because of his mother she had no choice but to agree to the divorce and didn’t take a single penny of alimony, so she tells him never to contact her again. As he collapses on the floor, Hwa-Young arrives and picks him up. However, he refuses her help and instead, makes her apologise to Young-Ae for what she did to her daughter.

The next day, Hwa-Young invites her sister and Joon-Hwi to her house as Jin-Woo leaves the hospital. Hwa-Young warns her son about Joon-Hwi and tells him to make sure no one knows he’s the largest shareholder as it wouldn’t look good for them. As Young-Ae heads to the police station to have lunch with her daughter, she sees her meeting with Yu-Ra which surprises her as she didn’t know they were talking. Joon-Hwi meets with Yeon-Ah to discuss her contract and after they leave, he decides to call Cheong-Ah where they agree to meet up later that day.

Unable to stop thinking about Seol-Ah, Jin Woo decides to go to her house, eventually following her to a coffee shop where she buys coffee for Tae-Rang. As he watches them walking and laughing together, the episode comes to a close.

While the latest episode of Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life was a little slower than the others, it still has enough to remain enjoyable to watch, as all our characters deal with Jin-Woo waking up from his coma. Surprisingly, he seems set to win her back too, when he finds out they are divorced and as we see Seol-Ah and Tae-Rang grow closer together, we’re left to assume things are about to become even more dramatic for our budding couple.

There’s quite a contrast between Hwa-Young and her sister Yu-Ra too. While the former often acts in her own best interests and would do anything to get her way, Yu-Ra is selfless and has buily a great relationship with Cheong-Ah. We also see Joon-Hwi getting closer to Cheong and the day she finds out who he really is will inevitably be quite dramatic to witness. Let’s not forget Yu-Ra either who still doesn’t know Joon-Gyeom actually committed suicide.

There are still plenty of tense moments to follow in this drama and while it may have taken a fair few weeks to get here, Beautiful Love remains an enjoyable weekend binge and I’m looking forward to watching the next set of episodes when then weekend rolls around again.


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