Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 31 & 32 Recap & Review


As expected, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life delivers another good episode here, one full of drama and more revelations for our characters. While the show has been slow up until this point, the past few episodes have definitely improved and I am looking forward to new chapters each week, especially now that the truth is slowly coming out with each of the characters, offering up some tense moments.

We begin the episode with Cheong-Ah and Joon-Hwi discussing that fateful day. Cheong explains that it was the worst day of her life but remains vague. However, she tells him she believes it was fate but he rebukes her statement, saying it was a coincidence instead. After he buys her food, he shakes her hand, revealing that he’s going to run a foreign branch of the company. As their handshake lingers, they say goodbye and wish each other good luck.

Meanwhile Young-Ae meets with her eldest daughter for lunch, where she relays her encounter with Hwa-Young. The conversation soon changes when Seol-Ah asks her mum if she knows who Hae-Rang is. She explains that she used to bully Cheong-Ah and it’s here Seol-Ah realises that her sister actually met Joon-Gyeom to kill herself with him.

Joon-Hwi approaches Yeon-Ah while she trains and explains that he’s there to scout her. As he follows her home to meet her parents, he sees a family picture and starts piecing everything together, realising their link. Cheong-Ah arrives home and is surprised to see Joon-Hwi there. As he leaves, Cheong-Ah follows, asking why he was at her house. Confused by the situation, he demands to know the truth about her family. After spilling some home truths about her past, he leaves, telling her he has work to do.

At the hospital, Cheong-Ah bursts into Hae-Rang’s room and confronts her about bullying her sister back in school. Refusing to accept her apology, she leaves and comes face to face with her brother. He tells her he’s moving her sister to a different hospital and will also move his restaurant as he doesn’t want any more trouble.

After speaking with Cheong about Hae-Rang, Young-Ae starts to realise what she did with Jin-Woo. She calls Tae-Rang to find out which room his sister is staying in. Just as he gives Hae-Rang’s letter of resignation to Hwa-Young. Young-Ae arrives at the hospital and overhears Hwa-Young telling Hae-Rang that she will let her replace Seol-Ah when she gets tired of this life. As she agrees, Young-Ae bursts in and slaps her. She confronts Hwa-Young and the two have quite the fiery confrontation and after leaving the room, she sees Seol-Ah trying to get into the VIP area but is stopped by security guards.

After finding Seol-Ah in the hospital chapel, Tae-Rang decided to take her fishing, where he admits to liking her and suggests they become friends. She agrees and tells him that they can be there for each other from now on. At the hospital, Joon-Hwi visits Jin-Woo and speaks with his aunt about meeting with Cheong-Ah. He tells her that she doesn’t know who he is and will make sure his Mum doesn’t find out about it either.

Cheong-Ah finally gets some good news when she finds out that she has passed her police exams. After celebrating with her parents, she meets with her sister in hospital who explains that she has been kicked out of her house and husband’s room. Back home, Hwa-Young blackmails Seol into agreeing to a divorce or she will release the pictures of her and Tae-Rang, which will subsequently hurt her family and his. She finally agrees to it but asks to be able to stay by Jin-Woo’s side until things settle down. The episode then ends with Jin-Woo slowly waking up and looking at his wife reading to him… or was it actually his mistress?

Beautiful Love certainly feels a lot different than it did a few weeks ago. The show now remains consistent with a quicker pace and plenty of character development again. The focus this week is on Joon-Hwi too, who has finally uncovered the truth about Cheong-Ah. This came just as the two were getting closer and as he’s set to move to Spain, everything remains up in the air for these two. The show might now give us another time jump but I am hoping it won’t be for too many years in the future.

Seol-Ah is trapped yet again as her mother-in-law manages to get the upper-hand with her divorce papers and she now has another enemy to beat, as Hae-Rang refuses to give up either. However, the cliffhanger ending with Jin-Woo is bound to create more drama when his wife and mother confronts him about his affair with the secretary. All these tense moments are definitely worth watching out for as the next episodes roll round at the weekend.


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