Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 29 & 30 Recap & Review

The Reunion

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life brings us another strong episode this week with plenty of character development and decent pacing. The story continues moving forward and today’s instalment ends on a really nice note too, with both Joon-Hwi and Cheong-Ah remembering the time they met all those years ago. The show is definitely improving now that more truths have come to the surface, making this drama all the more entertaining to watch.

We start where we left off with the revelation that Hae-Rung and Cheong-Ah have been to the same high school. Seol-Ah tells her to stay in the room as they know she lied to the police about the accident. This then prompts Cheong to play the recording on her phone, proving the bribe. Hwa-Young tells her that the recording will affect her sister too, harming her husband and their company. After receiving a text from Joon-Hwi telling her that he has the dash-cam footage, Cheong-Ah decides to delete the recording to keep her calm for now.

Joon-Hwi meets with his aunt and shows her the money she gave Cheong, along with the memory card containing proof that her son caused the accident. He tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything for now and that he will correct what Jin-Woo did himself. Meanwhile, Joon-Ik confides to his son about what he found out about his daughter.

Hwa-Young speaks to someone on the phone about having an article published about Jin-Woo’s accident and insists they not mention the details, but just that he’s in a coma. She’s then interrupted by her assistant bringing her pictures of Seol-Ah and Tae-Rang in a restaurant together.

Cheong-Ah meets with her lawyer to let her know about the leaked pictures of her and another man. As she gets out the car, Hwa-Young arrives to confront her about the lies she told. Just as she’s about to slap her daughter-in-law, Tae-Rang arrives and stops her, explaining that they ate at different tables and he paid for her dinner because she didn’t have any money.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Ah decides to sell her medal, with the help of  Pa-Rang, as she needs money to be able to compete. However, in the pawn shop it soon becomes apparent that her medal is fake and this leads her to realise that it was her dad who sold it after all. As she confronts him about it, he apologises and promises to bring it back to her.

During dinner, Joon-Hwi apologises to his mum for not being there when things were tough, while Cheong-Ah relays to her mum that Jin-Woo’s family have finally decided to settle and admits that he was at fault. Cheong-Ah calls Joon-Hwi to thank him and after speaking about her favourite book, starts to wonder if she’s the same girl he met on that train all those years ago, as she had the same book and resembles her.

Tae-Rang arrives in hospital to confront his sister about her lies and affair. She begs him to give her a month while she stays by Jin-Woo’s side. Still angry with her behaviour, he demands that she resign from her position as secretary. After leaving the hospital, Tae-Rang has trouble getting Cheong-Ah out of his mind as he remembers everything she has said to him.

Hoong-Young finally finds out about Jin-Woo’s accident and is upset that his wife and daughter knew about it all along. At the same time, Hwa-Young is annoyed about one of the articles, which focuses on who will be the new manager of the company. She then orders Cheong-Ah to move out but the latter defies her, revealing she’ll go to her husband’s bedside otherwise the press will ask questions.

Yu-Ra arrives at hospital to find Hae-Rang reading to Jin-Woo. Not happy, she tells her to leave and make sure she treats Seol-Ah well. The episode ends with Joon-Hwi meeting with Cheong-Ah and after talking about the famous book, they both realise they did meet on the train  years ago.

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life is certainly growing on me more and more each week, offering up more twists and decent dramatic moments. Each character has some good story development too, even Cheong-Ah’s dad who has been the weakest so far. I really enjoyed seeing Yu-Ra’s reaction to Hae-Rang’s presence in the hospital too and she’s fast becoming one of my favourite characters. Joon-Hwi and Cheong-Ah are growing closer too, especially knowing that they have met on that train many years ago. The way they realised this was cleverly done but unfortunately, there is a dark cloud looming overhead as he remains unaware of her link to his late brother.

Looking at the next episode preview, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life is set to deliver another interesting slice of drama and if the show carries on in the same fashion, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life may just become one of the most enjoyable dramas to watch each weekend.

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