Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 21 & 22 Recap & Review

Mistaken Identity

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life continues to adopt the same slow pace as the last episode and it unfortunately fails to really bring a lot of development to the story again. While Cheong-Ah’s character remains the highlight of the show, the latest instalment feels like filler, and the show is in desperate need of a quicker pace.

We pick up where we left off, with Cheong-Ah face to face with Joon-Hwi. She tells him how happy she is that he’s there but he rejects her as he doesn’t want to have her around. As he jumps over the fence, she follows him, believing they can both find something together a lot quicker then they would on their own. Leaving the scene, he tells Cheong that he is not on her side but advises her to go check out the surveillance camera from the petrol station near the scene of the accident.

After talking to the owner of the petrol station, Cheong-Ah tells Joon-Hwi that he remembers seeing Jin-Woo holding hands with a woman in his car. During lunch, she tells him she’ll give Joon-Ik the footage as he’s a policeman and the father of Hae-Rang. After an awkward incident involving Joon-Hwi dropping his noodles on Cheong, she finds herself falling for him and reveals this is only the second time she has fallen for anyone (not realising that the first time was with the same person). However, this nice moment passes when he decides to leave her at the bus stop while he takes a taxi back home.

Hwa-Young speaks to her assistant on the phone and demands that he find Cheong-Ah at all costs. Seol-Ah suggests that Jin-Woo could have been at fault during the accident while he was having an affair. Worried about the situation, she tells Seol-Ah to continue posting Instagram pictures to make sure no one arouses suspicion. Seol-Ah then heads to her husband’s office and starts reminiscing about a dinner they had for her birthday. We see that Jin-Woo was always doing everything he could to make her happy.

Young-Woong heads to the welfare centre to collect his pension while his wife struggles with her medical condition. She then calls Tae-Rang to find out if Seol has eaten her food. He replies that she didn’t, which prompts her to send him more food to bring to the hospital for her to eat. After the phone call, Cheong-Ah arrives to spend some time with her mum where Young-Ae decides to give her some money and tells her to take a trip while she waits for her results.

While cooking in his restaurant, Tae-Rang overhears Joon-Hwi’s colleagues talking about Seol-Ah’s latest post which greatly surprises him. Back in his office, Joon-Hwi is visited by Hwa-Young who tells him not to reveal who he really is to Cheong-Ah. After discussing the future contract of Yeon-Ah, he receives a call from the investigator who is on his way to him.

As Cheong-Ah leaves her house, she’s greeted by Hwa Young’s assistant who tells her the latter wants to meet as she knows she’s Seol-Ah’s sister. In the car, she manages to record him while he bribes her with money in exchange for her admitting that Rim is the one at fault.

Hwa-Young meets with her advisor who tells her to be nicer to Seol-Ah while the latter speaks to her lawyer, who explains that she should try finding evidence of her mother-in-law’s sordid behaviour, including potential corruption. After the lawyer leaves, Cheong arrives and shows her sister the money she received from Hwa Young. She tells her sister to move away to make sure her Aunt doesn’t find out about her, which leads her to realise the money she received was from her sister.

Seol-Ah arrives at the hospital soon after, where Tae-Rang is waiting for her with the food her Mum gave him. The episode then ends with Hwa-Young also arriving at the hospital and shocked to see them both together again.

While I understand that there are a lot of episodes in this drama, the last few have felt like the story has almost come to a stop, with very little plot development. It’s a shame too as the show has a lot of potential and good characters but right now it feels wasted.

It’s not all bad though, the sisters remain the main focus here and it was quite fun to watch Seol-Ah finally gaining some ground in her fight against her mother in law. While we can predict where the story will go with these two, it’s still entertaining to watch nonetheless. Cheong-Ah admitting that this is the second time she has fallen for someone was quite amusing too and I’m really looking forward to seeing the moment she realises who he is.

With the next episode just around the corner, I am really hoping the show will pick up and give us some much need drama and story development.


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