Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 23 & 24 Recap & Review

Moving Out

After a couple of slower episodes, Beautiful Love returns with a much-needed injection of pace and story development. Seol-Ah and Hwa-Young have some great chemistry on-screen too while we see Cheong-Ah getting closer to Joon-Hwi. All of this combines to make today’s episode quite entertaining to watch.

We begin where we left off with Hwa-Young watching Seol-Ah eating. Trying her best to act nicely, she speaks to her about the food. After visiting her son, she decides to asks Tae-Rang who he is and finally finds out that he’s Hae-Rang’s sister.

Meanwhile, Joon-Hwi finds out from the inspector that during his investigation many years ago, he wasn’t able to search the house of the girl as a news anchor named Kim Seol-Ah asked for a warrant. He explains that the files were sealed as Joon-Gyeom was a minor and his mother decided to drop the case. Meanwhile, Cheong-Ah contemplates moving away while her sister listens to the recording she sent her and debates over what her next step will be.

Young-Woong, ever the lazy husband, tells his wife he wasn’t able to get the pension because of her income and demands that she give him more money. She tells him she will if he does housework and despite his shock, agrees to it as he thinks it’ll be easy.

Cheong-Ah has her room packed while we see her Dad struggle to cook breakfast for his family. Yeon-Ah shows her parents Seol-Ah’s latest Instagram post, which involves a picture of her and Hwa-Young looking very happy. However Young-Ae remains dubious. After discussing justice and all the cases they have with her assistant, Yu-Are calls Cheong-Ah to offer to take her out for a meal.

Back in hospital, the policeman tells Rim that when he’s been discharged, he will have to come to the station and discuss settlement with both families. Rim admits to suffering from narcolepsy but the policeman tells him that could still get him prison time.

Hwa-Young then summons Joon-Hwi to her office to discuss the accident. He believes Jin-Woo was the one at fault but also tells them to stop manipulating everyone and twisting the truth. Angry, she tells him that the police won’t believe him and he just wants her son’s place in the company. Before leaving, she also reveals that she paid Cheong-Ah off and she is now on her side.

Seol-Ah and Tae-Rang have dinner together again where they end up bickering about food and how they both act around each other. Hwa-Young finds out that someone has posted a video on social media of Seol-Ah eating with another man. This prompts her to confront Tae-Rang and she asks him outright if he had dinner with Seol-Ah before. Seol quickly shakes her head to make sure he replies that they haven’t.

Joon-Hwi arrives at Cheong-Ah’s dorm to see that she has packed up all her belongings and is ready to move away. However, she tells him that she won’t run away and to be strong. He decides to take the money his Aunt gave her and asks for the flash drive as he doesn’t want her involved anymore. She follows him out and thanks him for believing her.

The next day, Joon-Hwi brings the flash drive to Joon-Ik but the latter refuses to keep it as he’s a patrol policeman and wouldn’t be allowed to investigate it. The episode then ends with Seol-Ah arriving at the hospital and shocked to see Hae-Rang slowly waking up.

Beautiful Love, Wonderful life has certainly improved with its latest episode. It gave us plenty of character development and moved the story forward a lot more compared to the last couple of weeks.

Some of my favourite scenes here involve Hwa-Young and Seol-Ah interacting with each other and coming up with different plans to get the upper hand. While a lot of the stories do feel a little predictable, the drama is still enjoyable nonetheless thanks to the multitude of characters intertwining with each other.

The episode ends on a big cliffhanger too and with Hae-Rang now awake, things should become even more dramatic and interesting to watch over the weeks to come.


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