Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life – Episodes 19 & 20 Recap & Review

Slowing Down

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life returns this week with a slower episode, one which fails to move the story forward. Instead, this latest episode feels a lot more like filler which is a shame, especially given how the truth is now revealing itself in the plot.

After last night’s reunion, Yu-Ra asks Young-Ae out for coffee. Suddenly, Seol-Ah appears and is shocked to see her mum there. Having told her new family that her parents died, she pretends she doesn’t know who she is. Young-Ae leaves devastated and collapses on the floor. Tae-Rang finds her there though and helps her up, asking him about Seol-Ah’s situation.

Meanwhile, Joon-Hwi meets Cheong-Ah who offers him a rice ball. As a passer-by bumps into her, this causes her to drop the rice ball all over his jacket. After this awkward incident, she speaks to him about the accident, telling him that the police are assuming Rim fell asleep. However, she believes the skid marks point towards Jin-Woo being the guilty one.

After visiting Jin-Woo, Seol-Ah and Yu-Ra join Hwa-Young to have dinner at her house while Tae-Rang takes Young-Ae back home. As they reach their destination, Tae-Rang realises that his passenger has fallen asleep. While trying to figure out what to do, Yeon-Ah arrives and ends up hitting him with his racket as she thought he was a thief. Young-ae finally wakes up though and thanks Tae-Rang for bringing her back.

During dinner, Hwa-Young clashes with her sister’s maid. She then receives a text from her assistant with a picture of Joon-Hwi and Cheong-Ah together, which angers her. Young-Ae thinks about her earlier conversation with Yu-Ra and how she wanted to visit him, however Young-Ae advised against this as she’s in the middle of exams.

Later that evening, Yu-Ra reveals that she’s met Young-Ae in the hospital. She then goes on to tell them she’s planning to meet Cheong-Ah very soon while Cheong-Ah himself receives a text from an unknown number, telling her that Chairman Hong wants to see her. As Seol-Ah refuses to talk about a divorce, her mother-in-law shows her the pictures of her son and Hae-Rang that she found. She tells Seol that if her son is in love with Hae-Rang, she will support him and blames Seol for him being in a coma.

Young-Woong continues to wind his wife up with ways of spending the money she just received. She then leaves the house with a divorce threat if he ever touches the money. Seol-Ah decides to meet her Mum in a coffee shop and berates her for the lie she told Cheong-Ah many years ago as it’s now destroying her life.

Meanwhile, Yu-Ra witnesses another student yelling at Mi-Ran and orders her to move out. Tae-Rang sees Mi-Ran sitting on her own and finds a humorous way to make her eat with him by yelling her name. After finally being worn down, she asks him if he has any feelings for her. He, of course, replies that he has none whatsoever. As he starts eating though, she angrily walks away.

Joon-Hwi confronts his aunt’s secretary as he knows he’s been taking pictures of him. As he scrolls through the phone, he finds a picture of the skid marks from the accident.

Cheong heads back to her dorm and is shocked to see Yu-Ra on her doorstep. Looking around the room, she sees the awards while Joon-Hwi desperately tries to contact Cheong. At the hospital, Seol-Ah visits Rim while a determined Cheong-Ah heads to the scene of the accident to take some pictures.

Hwa-Young becomes angry when Cheong-Ah ignores her request to meet and summons her daughter-in-law, who finally realises that her sister is Cheong-Ah. The episode ends with Cheong-Ah heading to the scene of the accident, where she finds Dong-Chan also investigating it.

While this episode of Beautiful Love had some interesting twists, it also felt a lot slower and failed to move the story as much as previous episodes. However, we also saw Yu-Ra truly caring about Cheong-Ah as she feels connected thanks to her son, which was nice touch. Cheong-Ah is also quite the likable character and you can’t help but root for her.

With Hwa-Young finally realising the link between the two sisters and knowing what she has been like so far, their reunion promises to be very dramatic.


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