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Unforgivable Freedom
Super Muscular Strength
Slashing Attack
Thank You
Can You Admit It?
Clash of the Alphas!
Real Attack
God and Demon
Great Challenge



When Baki released at the end of last year, the final episode ended with a character being punched out a window. At that time I was unsure whether this one would be returning but having looked into this further since that time, it turns out Netflix made the decision to chop it’s 26 episode first season into two parts for International audiences.

Back on the streaming platform today with its second part, Baki returns and picks up right where it left off from before with an action-packed set of episodes and more emphasis on the fighting that made the first part so entertaining. Of course, for those turned away the first time around, Baki is unlikely to change your opinion here either. The story is simply a continuation of what came before, with Baki himself and the various other characters continuing their fight from the first season, spilling over to this second part and punching through to the season finale where an important decision regarding Baki’s future is made.

If you’re after more of the same, you can’t really go wrong with this one. The animation is good and the fight sequences are as entertaining as they were before, chock full of spatters of blood and slow motion reaction shots throughout. Whether it be Mr Oliva, Baki’s half-brother or the various different goons they come up against through the final 13 episodes, Baki continues to deliver satisfying fighting right through to the end of its runtime.

As I said the first time around, Baki’s storytelling is not its strong suit. It’s ultimately there to serve as a backdrop to the fighting and in that respect, this action-packed anime has a lot in common with fighting games. If that’s what you’re after from your anime fix then great, Baki delivers an abundance of fighting and that should be enough to satisfy fans of this one. For everyone else who didn’t take to this one back in December, Baki’s second part is unlikely to change your opinion. Still, it’s a lot of fun and the over-the-top fighting should be enough to see through until the end.


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  • Verdict - 7/10

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  1. I’ve just finished the second part, my only grumble is that the animation feels completely different from the first part. as in you don’t get the same intense watching experience, filling the need to want more…. and I would prefer to have longer parts as 20 min episodes get binged in a day or 20 🤣

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