Assassin’s Creed Mirage Guide: “The Fox and the Hunter” Walkthrough

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Guide – The Fox and the Hunter

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The Head of the Snake

The Fox and the Hunter

The Head of the Snake

With all three targets now slain, it’s time to report back to the Bureau. When you arrive, Roshan will brief you on what’s happening in the chaos of everything that’s gone down.

The gist of the conversation ties back into Governor Muhammad ibn Tahir, whom we’ve heard about before.

There’s also two more targets as well, and Roshan will task you with visiting the Round City and investigating all three. Off the back of this, we’ll now have three new leads to cover, but strict instructions not to take further action. For the purposes of this walkthrough, we’ll start with The Fox and the Hunter.


The Fox and the Hunter

In order to find Arib, we need to talk to Fuladh, who happens to be in the hideout. Exhaust the dialogue options and head outside.

Head east toward the marker on your map and once more use your eagle to scout the area. If you’re approaching from the east, it should be quite straightforward just to highlight the building ahead but otherwise, move your pointer around to the building with a crane silhouette on and you’ll find your target.

When you approach, be wary of the guards nearby, and approach from the rooftops if you can. Interact with the door and watch the cutscene play out. After, you’ll need to infiltrate the Postal Bureau.

As you get near to the Bureau, you’ll find a guard sitting watch outside, refusing anyone entry. Thankfully, that won’t be a problem for us.

Head round to the left of this man and up onto the rooftop by the stack of boxes just begging to be climbed. Halfway, assassinate the two guards standing watch and shuffle inside the house.

Once there, drop down the gap and quietly take out the guards inside, waiting for each to move away from the main area. Use your whistling or the Throwing Knives to get the advantage.

Use your senses to locate the letters and interact with each on the desks. Next, unbar the back door and rush out to avoid the guards from following. 

Next, go and attend Arib’s recital, which is located out the back of this area.

After the cutscene, defeat the soldiers that show up to ambush you. After defeating these foes, we’ll now need to follow a whole bunch of mouse symbols to our destination. They look like this:

From the first’s location, head up the path to the left and look out for the next symbol straight ahead. Use your senses if need be to hone in on the location. Turn left when you find it and you’ll locate the next on a hidden alcove behind the hay cart.

Slip down this road, and with the symbol to your left, follow the path along and you’ll find the next at the end of the pathway.

Turn right this time when you reach this spot and use your senses to locate the next mouse symbol on the left of the large building. You want to follow the path in a straight line here, through to the other side, where you’ll find another mouse symbol just beyond, behind the donkey which you can give a gentle push to move out the way.

Move up the road (the one pictured above just to the left of the donkey), all the way following the various symbols and then turn right. Watch for a symbol right by a staircase on your left when you do and ascend. At the top, turn left and then jump down to the ground below.

Keep moving in a straight line and you’ll eventually come to a window that has another symbol next to it, and the end of this hunt.

Once you do, you’ll trigger a cutscene and a revelation that perhaps Arid is not the Head of the order but simply working for someone else in that position. Alas, the plot thickens.

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