Assassin’s Creed Mirage Guide: “Assassinate Warlord Walif” Walkthrough

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Guide – Assassinate Walif Al-Mardikwar

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Den of the Beast

The Return


Den of the Beast

It’s now time to kill the Warlord. In order to get the lowdown on the area and general vicinity, head over and speak to Ali. He’ll explain that he’s going to find Beshi and free the other rebels. Walif will be left to us and we need to assassinate him so it makes it look like Ali did it.

First up, use your Eagle to scout for alternate ways into the Garrison. Get down to ground level and eavesdrop on the two men by sitting on the bench nearby. They’ll mention that there are holes along the northern wall. 

Behind these men, head to the right and jump up on the red tarps. From here, hop over the wall onto the sheltered barricade and follow the path around (pictured above).

Slide under the scaffolding and circle along the perimeter, assassinating any guards that come near.

As you do, you’ll find another indicator regarding a steward loyal to Ali that could be a big help to gaining entry. At the end of this path, turn left, hop onto the slightly higher platform and look down.

If you use your senses, you’ll find him down near the cookhouse. Talk to the steward and he will guide you in through a side entrance. However, he’ll also tell you to keep your distance and follow from afar.

Use the tall grass behind the man to follow along, but be sure to keep a distance and try not to assassinate any guards so you can keep a low profile.

At the end of the grass, turn left and through the doorway, into the next larger area. 

Turn right at the end next grass mound and hop up over the wall. Slot in place behind the two crates at the back (pictured below) so you’re not spotted by the guard patrolling. When he turns his back, sneak out, assassinate and be sure to carry the body round the corner to avoid being detected.

Stay on this higher platform and follow parallel to the Steward. Climb up the next scaffolding rack and assassinate the guard standing watch at the top.

You’ll notice a key icon heading off in the opposite direction to the Steward. Should you wish to leave the Steward now, sneak into the room and grab the key to open the door to the Barracks. This is a risky path though, given the area is crawling with guards. Given the Steward is already heading this way anyway, it’s an unnecessary distraction.

For now, keep on the rooftops and be careful of the guards as the Steward heads under an arched doorway. You’ll need to approach from the left-hand side of this alleyway in order to take out the guards on patrol. 

When you do, follow the Steward up the staircase and he’ll open a door leading you into the Garrison.

Inside are a whole bunch of goodies, including 1x Bone Dice, some Dirham, healing items and a letter on the table in the adjacent room. When you’re ready, interact with the door ahead sporting the door symbol and watch the cutscene.

Wasif will be holding Beshi up at sword-point and will kill him outright in front of the entire square of soldiers watching. With Beshi dead, Ali shows up and a big brawl breaks out.

The idea here is to let Ali draw the attention of the nearby soldiers and then strike from behind, either with Throwing Knives or by assassinating each individually.

Either way, take all the guards out and Ali will be seething with anger. With Walif still lurking about, our new mission will be to free the rebels with the Warden’s Key. Now, the Warden is somewhere within the Innter Garrison.

Use your Eagle to track down the Warden, highlighted by the Key symbol. In this case, it’ll be located west (pictured below).

Head up to the rooftop and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to avoid taking out the archers as they’re pacing and doing their rounds, and be able to head over the other side of this rooftop area. Jump down to assassinate the Warden and grab his key.

Return to the cells and release the men. Go and speak to Ali and he will give you instructions to light the beacon. Head up to the new icon on the UI and interact with the brazier up on the roof.

This will draw Walif’s men out through the front door, and while Ali and the rebels keep them company, this will give us free reign to take out Wasif.

The route there is essentially circling around the perimeter and through the door that was earlier barred (pictured above). It’ll now be free to open so do this and interact with the trapdoor on the ground.

Head through the corridor and when the area opens up to a larger chamber, you’ll hear Walif barking orders to soldiers down below. You want to circle around the room, jumping over the chandelier to the opposite balcony and then hop on the marked area on the picture below (the beam sticking out).

Wait for the two soldiers to leave their space and Walif to head over. Jump down and assassinate our target.

With Walif gone, huirry out the chamber and into the courtyard. There will be a whole rabble of soldiers that will follow and you’ll need to fend them off. Smoke Bombs work a charm here, but eventually you’ll need to stick with Ali and the rebels until you trigger a cutscene.


The Return

While Ali rallies the troops, we now need to head back to the Bureau and talk to Fuladh. After the cutscene, where you’ll be debriefed on the situation and reveal what you know, feel free to use this time to upgrade your equipment or grab anything you may need before pressing on to our next mission.

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