Assassin’s Creed Mirage Guide: “Assassinate Qahiba” Walkthrough

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Guide – Assassinate Qahiba

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Assassinate Qahiba

The Last Journey


Assassinate Qahiba

We’re into the home stretch of Mirage’s story and now we need to assassinate Qahiba. First up, head down from the rooftop and speak to the man with a magnifying glass above his head.

You’ll notice rebels behind pounding on the door. In order to let them in, we need to open the garden gate round the other side. 

Circle around all the way to the end of the path on the right until you reach a rose-covered stone wall. Climb up and shimmy across the wall to the left, avoiding the spikes as you do. 

Drop into the garden and head all the way back the way we just came, being sure to stick to the high grass as you do. Assassinate anyone who gets close and you’ll eventually come to the door. You’ll notice 3 guards just standing in front and this is the perfect time to use your smoke bombs to distract and open the gates.

Alternatively you can use your throwing knives from the tall grass to remain undetected. The choice is yours. Either way, unbar the door and let the rebels in.

They’ll immediately rush across the garden to the main doors. While this serves as an important distraction, follow the guys up to make sure they dispatch all the soldiers in this area. If need be, you can revive each of the rebels that end up downed. 

Once the rebels are pounding on the next barred door, head round on the left into the adjacent courtyard. One of our targets is inside the building here but it’s also guarded by 4 men outside.

Instead of following this lead and busting in from the front, follow the walls of this building around to the left until you come to a stairwell. Go up the stairs, and then the ladder against the wall.

On this balcony section, dispatch the soldiers one at a time (they’re spaced out quite nicely so it should be relatively straightforward) and up onto the higher balcony.

You’ll find a whole bunch of soldiers up here so be sure to assassinate each one as they’re spaced out quite a bit.

When you’re ready, go up to the next floor, climbing the wall near where the vines are creeping up, and you’ll find even more guards.

Keep working your way round this floor to the right and you’ll find a balcony with a collapsible wall. Head to the end of the beam and do a Leap of Faith down. As you hit the water, dive under and open the Loot Chest at the end of the path, which holds 29x Steel Ingot, 8x Leather and 4x Components.

Head back to the surface and you’ll find more soldiers over by the doors. Throw a smoke grenade to keep them all distracted and unbar the door to let the rebels inside.

Head deeper inside the chamber and help the rebels defeat the remaining soldiers. From the throne with the blue leaves, head along the path on the right.

Follow the path around and use your senses to hone in on our destination. You’ll notice a glowing orange door deeper in the building. Head down the stairs and you’ll notice that the door is barred from the other side. Because of course it is.

Go up the stairwell just to the right of this and all the way to the end. Unbar the door so we can gain easy access back to this section. Now, return to where the throne was and this time, go up the large stairwell on the path to the left.

At the top of the stairs, turn left and into the first doorway on the left (pictured above). Go round to the right and unlock the door. Proceed inside and unbar the next door on the left.

With all these doors unlocked, turn back to the main chamber and continue round the balcony. Assassinate the two guards on the way, standing by the map. 

Enter the large chamber and speak to Makira at the end. She’ll tell you to leave so pretend to do so by hiding behind the partition.

When Makira leaves this chamber, she’ll actually lead us right to Qahiba, so keep a distance and follow her.

Go out the doorway and hide behind the crates on the left to avoid her gaze when she turns back. Follow Makira into the door on the left and hide behind the desk.

Follow her into the library and shut the door behind you in case any guards show up. Unbar the door at the end of the library and collect the poem on the desk.

Go up the stairs just behind this and interact with the pedestal, choosing “Recite Arib’s Poem” to get a reminder of our clues.

There are a number of different books that can be placed on corresponding pedestals and clue is in the poem. Starting from the right and working anticlockwise around the room, you need to place the books in this order:

  1. Place the Blue Book
  2. Place the Yellow Book
  3. Place the Black Book
  4. Place the White Book

Done in this order, one of the bookshelves on the ground floor will lower and reveal a secret chamber.

Head inside and go down the ladder to the basement and push open the door. Qahiba will be there and she’ll run away. Chase her along the pathway and a cutscene will eventually begin. She’ll mention how Basim is “more than a man”. Before she can elaborate, Roshan will sneak in and kill her.


The Last Journey

With the head of the order down, escape the palace grounds. When you’re no longer being spotted, head all the way back to Anbar and reground with Nehal. This will serve as the point of no return so if you choose to leave right now, we’ll be onto our final mission.

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