Arcane Season 1 Episode 9: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Monster You Created

Episode 9 of Arcane begins with Vi doing her best to talk to Jayce. He’s disgusted over the dead child and decides that this conflict is over. Vi though, points out that this is just the cost of war and from his high seat in the council, he’s been too shielded to see the real cost of this. Unfortunately, this singular act sees Jayce and Vi part ways. “You won’t make it alone,” He warns.

Does Finn betray Silco?

This dead child though serves as a martyr that looks to turn Sevika to Finn’s way of thinking. As Silco orders for the body to be taken care of, the pair exchange knowing glances. Well, it doesn’t take long for Finn and the others to stage their coup….or do they? Sevika makes her choice and slices across Finn’s throat. She was never tempted but does warn that there will be others who rise up and challenge Silco’s leadership. He needs to be ready for that.

Do Mel and her mum patch up their differences?

Meanwhile, Mrs Medarda is approached by her daughter who demands she stay away from Jayce and leave the city. Mel knows that she’s the one who’s served as the spark to ignite war. It’s here that Mrs Medarda propositions Mel and encourages her to head home, pointing out that she was initially abandoned because she “made her weak.”

It’s a roundabout way of saying she loves her daughter, coming from this battle-hardened, stern woman, but these bridges appear to be too burned to fix.

What are Silco’s terms for peace?

In the middle of Viktor’s despair, he looks set to jump to his doom. Only, who should show up but Jayce. He stops his friend from jumping and the pair get talking. Viktor propositions Jayce. He wants him to destroy the Hexcube. In pursuit of the great, they’ve forgotten to do good and the only way out is to stop this from escalating. But will Jayce do it?

For now, he meets Silco who comes at him with his terms for peace. Zaun want free trade routes, blanket amnesty, unrestricted access to the Hexgates and sovereignty. It’s obvious a play Silco believes Jayce won’t go for but after seeing the horrors of war, he bargains back with an alternate offer; hand over Jinx and Silco can have the Nation of Zaun.

It’s actually a genius move, given Jinx is his weakness, and whether intentionally or not, Jayce has produced quite the conundrum. After this, Jayce heads back to the council and throws shade at them all, highlighting the deal he’s struck with Silco for peace. The Council are absolutely outraged.

Sevika VS Vi Round 2

In the midst of this, Vi shows up at the bar and decides to fight Sevika and Silco’s guards head-on. After taking out the grunts outside, and now armed with these gemstone gauntlets, she fights Sevika in round 2. Unlike their first encounter though, this one’s far more even. It’s also a fight that Vi wins too, besting Sevika… and letting her guard down as Jinx appears behind her and knocks her out.

Is Silco killed? What happens at the table?

When Vi regains consciousness, she finds herself tied up and at Jinx’s mercy. She also has Silco tied up too, having heard him out in the streets contemplating giving up Jinx. Unfortunately they’re not alone at this dinner table, as she brings Caitlyn along for the party.

The power play between Jinx and Powder continues to grow, typified by the two chairs; one has Powder’s name on and the other Jinx. This all crescendos into Vi being forced to try and talk her way out of this.

When Caitlyn is freed from her binds, she holds a gun up to Jinx but Vi reminds the Enforcer that Powder is her sister. It’s just the distraction Jinx needs to grab the gun for herself and prepare to fire. Her own gun is on the table of course, right by Silco which he hurriedly picks up and looks set to fire.

Quick as a flash, the room erupts into a barrage of bullets. Silco is shot dead. Just before he fades away, he promises Jinx he never would have given her up and calls her perfect. It’s just the motivation Jinx needs to fully embrace the Jinx persona and descend down this slippery path to villainy.

How does Arcane Season 1 end?

Jinx grabs the gemstone and her gun, taking off and firing at the Council. It couldn’t come at a worse time, as those in Piltover support the notion for peace. All the hands are raised, lights flash on…and Jinx’s rocket flies through the window.

The Episode Review

The agonizing ending to Arcane brings to a close one of this year’s best animated projects. There’s been an incredible amount of care and attention put into this and the final episode finally sees our blue-haired vixen embrace her Jinx persona.

Vi remains on the edge here, torn between doing right by the Undercity and trying to salvage her sister. The trouble is, Silco’s death serves as a martyr that pushes her over the edge and prevents the girl from ever becoming like she was.

The ending with the dinner is a great way of showing how far Jinx has descended and it’s a brilliantly poetic move that echoes that of the Mad Hatter and his tea party. There’s definitely shades of influence there and that ending, with her rocket flying through the council, is akin to tumbling down the rabbit hole of war. There will undoubtedly be massive repercussions to come….if this is renewed for a second season and we see the fallout.

The repeat fight between Sevika and Vi is a good way of showing how far Vi has come with her fighting prowess too, besting Silco’s henchwoman and managing to prove her worth to Vander. The little moment with him showing up toward the end of their fight is a definite highlight in this.

Overall though, Arcane has been a really enthralling watch and an impressive offering. The storyline has been solid, the characters well written and everything crescendos beautifully into an agonizingly open but no less satisfying watch.


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  1. Chris Davies, I’m pretty sure you misunderstood the scene where Silco is talking to Vander’s statue. I’d suggest watching it again.

    “Oh it all makes sense now, brother” and “Is there anything so undoing as a daughter?”

    Silco was surprised by himself, that even though he would indeed get everything he ever wanted and that objectively speaking he indeed would only lose problems, he still couldn’t give Jinx up.

    That scene, the lines, the pouring of alcohol etc. don’t make any sense if he’s actually planning on giving her up.

  2. I think Silco’s last words have to have been a lie. Earlier, when alone and in his cups, he referred to Jinx as nothing but problems. He was hesitating, but he would have chosen his ambitions over any affections.

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