A Perfect Story – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of A Perfect Story begins with David surprising Margot by taking her to a private venue with shared rooms. Following this, he brings up Filippo while they’re travelling, which bothers her. However, they make out and decide to be supposedly friends with benefits while they are on vacation.

They then explore and spend time together. Following that, they run into Ruth, Idoia’s friend, while on the beach. He ends up telling her about his split with Idoia. Ruth tells him that Idoia has strong feelings for him and that she ruined their relationship by putting up a strong front.

Margot appears upset later that evening but he manages to cheer her up. They then dance and have a lovely time together, which ends in them spending the night together. The next morning, they are seen having fun together. Soon after, she receives a message from Filippo but she ignores it. Furthermore, when David questions her, she lies and claims that her sisters messaged her.

They are seen having fun together for the rest of the day. They can’t seem to keep their hands off each other and are thrilled about the new development in their friendship. Later that night, she awakens to overhear David talking with Idoia. He then tells her that he loves her, not Margot. Following this, Margot appears to be upset and pretends to sleep.

The next morning, David suggests that they spend the day in their room. However, she tells him that she has purchased tickets for a tour and they leave. Margot vents her frustrations on the tour guide while out sightseeing. Following this, she admits to overhearing David’s conversation with Idoia and they have an argument about their complicated situation.

They do, however, eventually come to terms with their situation and apologize to each other. They depart to return to their respective homes but are unable to part ways while saying their goodbyes. Following this, they break their agreement and end up sleeping together in Margot’s house, bringing the episode to a close.

The Episode Review

The episode centers on Margot and David’s complicated relationship as it evolves from friendship to something more. The episode ends with them breaking their pact by sleeping together after their vacation. At this point, the show’s plot is extremely complicated and poorly written. Both leads are seen stringing their partners along while they are attracted to and sleeping with each other.

Furthermore, the central characters’ partners are simply presented as self-absorbed, condescending, and plain bad people for no reason other than to make the protagonists look good, resulting in extremely weak character arcs.

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