A Perfect Story – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of A Perfect Story begins with Margot and David spending quality time exploring multiple spots in Greece. During their travels, he asks her what she likes best about Filippo. She goes on to say that he inspires her to strive for more. When she asks David about Idoia, he says he enjoys having sex with her.

Margot receives a text message from Filippo while she is in her room. She dashes into David’s room to show him the message. Following that, he makes her realize that Filippo is patronizing her. Soon after, she and David embark on a yacht tour of the city. Her sisters call her and question her about her relationship with David, which she brushes off. They then inform her of Patricia’s current situation with the detective.

Margot and David check into their new hotel, which has a private pool and they end up spending time in it. They then go outdoors to watch the sunset. Margot gets frustrated by the number of tourists on the beach. To make things right, David takes her to some empty roads and teaches her how to ride a bike.

However, he gets an erection in the process. Despite his best efforts, she eventually discovers the truth. He lies, saying he was thinking about Idoia, and they both laugh about it. They are having wine later that night. David admits to Margot that he hadn’t been thinking about Idoia. They almost have sex after that. They’re unable to go through with it though as Margot gets her periods.

Things between Margot and David get complicated the next morning. However, they come to an agreement to simply be friends. They spend the entire day together. The episode concludes with them returning to their respective rooms, going to bed alone, thinking about each other, and blushing.

The Episode Review

The episode revolves around Margot and David becoming increasingly attracted towards each other. They almost have sex together but then decide to remain friends.

The episode’s content is quite poor. The show’s writers conveniently write off Margot’s partner as an unlikable and unpleasant character in order to justify her situation with David. Furthermore, the show is far too cliched at this point, offering nothing new and relying solely on rom-com stereotypes.

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