A Perfect Story – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Decision

Why does Margot agree to go to David’s hometown?

In episode 5 of A Perfect Story, Margot and David are still in bed. Her sister Candela shows up at her apartment and runs into him. But thankfully, the conversation ends on a lighter note.

When David is about to leave, he invites Margo to spend the weekend with him in his hometown of Avila. She initially refuses, but he persuades her by stating that sex is not an option.

What happens during the trip?

They have a great time on the trip with David’s relatives. David and Margot begin to dance, which leads to them having sex. She wakes up late the next morning and joins him and his relatives. She then reveals where she works, which catches David off guard.

She then suggests that she and David give their relationship a shot during their car ride. However, during most of the series, he is unaware that Margot is a wealthy woman. She was hoping that he was going to stop her from going away, but the drama shows them going their separate ways.

Do Margot and David end up together?

Margot grows into a more confident vice president for her business. She eventually relocates to London, wherein she meets and develops feelings for a different man. 

Three years later, David first opens up his flower shop. Shortly after, Margot pays him a visit there—possibly for the last time. She confesses her love for the other man and gives him an iPod loaded with each of the songs they enjoyed listening to as they were spending time together. David fails to stop her as she walks away yet again. 

Nevertheless, we learn that the series insists that the other scenario actually occurred. Margot was about to leave when David stepped in, and they opted to stay and explore their relationship. Even though it took some time, love ultimately triumphs as the show comes to a happy ending.

The Episode Review

In this episode, Margot and David must make an important decision regarding their relationship. Near the end of the episode, the will-they won’t-they situation comes to a happy conclusion.

The episode isn’t particularly intriguing because everyone knows how it was going to end. The storyline is quite popular: a girl who is extremely wealthy falls in love with a young man who is having financial difficulties. The Netflix show adheres to rom-com clichés throughout. Although, rom-com clichés can be really fun to watch. In A Perfect Story though, the moral ambiguity of the show truly takes away the fun.

The show doesn’t really convey a positive message to the audience as well. It’s not particularly admirable to play with your partner’s feelings and explore a friends-with-benefits situation with your friend that may or may not end up working.

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