A Perfect Story – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

What Am I Supposed To Do?

Episode 2 of A Perfect Story begins with the revelation that Margot and Filippo met at a party. He spotted her while she was with her sisters and was smitten by her. Following that, he approached her.

The scene then shifts to David, who is seen connecting with his friends and their kid. Meanwhile, when Margot goes to the office with her sister, she ends up stealing work-related documents to work on at home. Sonia catches her in the act and suggests that Margot take a vacation to Greece. She eventually agrees to the plan.

Elsewhere, Patricia believes her partner is cheating on her. As a consequence, she decides to hire a private investigator. However, because the detective does not provide her with any updates, she suspects that he has been collaborating with her partner. Following this, she takes Margot and Candela to spy on him.

Margot contacts David, and the two meet. Following that, they intend to make their former lovers envious in order to win them back. To accomplish this, David takes Margot to an expensive rooftop restaurant to take photos that will make Idoia jealous. Margot’s folks own the restaurant, but she keeps this from him.

She then helps him shop for clothes, perfumes, and other items in order to impress Idoia. He, on the other hand, teaches her to be more self-assured.

Filippo contacts Margot while she is with her sisters. He tells her that he misses her and that he loves her. She then calls David and tells him the good news. However, he is clearly unhappy, and his friends notice. His friends then convince him to invite her to their home to celebrate the good news. She agrees to hang out with David and his friends after being asked.

Later that night, she spends time with David and his friends. They all appear to enjoy each other’s company. When she is about to leave, she mentions that she is going to Greece in three days. When David goes out with her to help her find a cab, they share a touching moment. Unable to part ways, she invites him to Greece with her, offering to pay for his plane ticket. As a consequence, he is ecstatic and readily agrees.

During their trip, David has questions about Margo’s job because she manages to get them first-class plane tickets and reservations in a five-star hotel. When he questions her, she does not reveal the truth. Margot and David are seen having a great time exploring Greece together. They both appear to have a spark, but they both deny it.

The Episode Review

The episode revolves around Margot and David collaborating to make their former flames jealous. However, they end up bonding in the process. Following that, they travel to Greece and spend time exploring the city together.

The show doesn’t offer anything fresh. Furthermore, the premise of putting yourself in a questionable situation while having a partner prevents you from rooting for the characters. To top it all off, none of the characters are particularly interesting; they’re all just plain cliched. We sincerely hope that things improve, but the show is currently mediocre at best.

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