Am I Being Unreasonable? – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Am I Being Unreasonable begins with Jen’s point of view. She works at a grocery store and her coworker, Becca, appears to have a problem with her. Jen tells Becca that she organized everything and that all she has to do is “it”, after which Becca tells her to leave them alone.

Becca confronts the manager about why he assigned Jen the same shift given her previous concerns. The manager informs her that they were understaffed and brushes her off. Jen tells herself that she will never give up on Becca. Jen hands Becca a letter in the bathroom, but Becca destroys it and flushes it down the toilet.

Following that, we are transported back in time to Harry’s first day of school. Jen’s perspective allows us to see the entire course of events. She dislikes Lucy because she refused to give Jen the school gate pin when they were late. We also learn that Jen liked Nic because she gave her the pin without asking any questions. This is how her fascination with Nic began. She admires Nic so much from this moment on that she believes she resembles Elton John.

Jen moves into a small apartment and starts working as a maid under Viv. We can finally piece together why she previously hid from Viv too. We learn that the woman who calls her Katya is someone she works with. When Viv tries to correct her, the old woman confuses her with someone else who previously used to work with her.

Jen develops a fascination with Nic and begins looking for her on social media, as well as researching her family background. Interestingly, Jen had previously gone on a date with Dan. She confronts him and leaves after learning that he is married.

We continue to see events through Jen’s lens. Dan doesn’t like her because he’s been on a date with her previously and this time she tells him that his wife deserves to know what he’s been doing behind her back. We also learn that Nic confessed far more than what was previously shown from Nic’s point of view. We find out that the night Alex died, Alex and Nic were planning to run away together.

Jen advises Nic to leave Dan if she is unhappy with him. Nic, on the other hand, tells her that she can’t do that to Ollie. Furthermore, we learn that Jen purchased the coat to match Nic’s one.

Nic tells Jen that things between her and Alex began the day she married Dan. Jen then suggests that it was Alex’s fault, not hers, because he was having an affair with his brother’s wife behind his back. We also learn that Jen has been recording all of Nic’s confessions to her.

Jen was fired from her job after her references informed Viv that she is insane. The phone call Nic ignored in the previous episode was actually from Jen too, and as the episode concludes, Jen runs from Nic’s house. At the same time, Jen goes to Becca’s and asks to let her help.

The Episode Review

We get to see things through Jen’s perspective in this episode, and a lot of things start to make sense. Some of the mysteries surrounding why she was doing things the way she was gain some much-needed clarity.

Jen’s character and point of view will undoubtedly remind you of Joe Goldberg from You. The narration style, obsession, and desire to do the right thing are all reminiscent of the popular Netflix show.

The episode ends when Jen runs to Becca’s house, pleading with her to let her help her. It will be fascinating to see where the show goes from here.

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