Am I Being Unreasonable? – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Am I Being Unreasonable begins with Nic recalling how she brought her coat because Alex liked it. However, she can’t seem to find it. While looking for her coat, she discovers her real cat, Mr. Miaowgi, dead in a drawer. She wonders who the cat is that she brought home, given her discovery.

The following morning, Nic attempts to confront Ollie about Mr. Miaowgi, and soon realizes that he was well aware that the cat was the wrong one all along. However, Ollie dismisses the subject as Dan then leaves to go to work.

Nic is taking Ollie to school when she notices Jen wearing a coat that is identical to the one she lost. She confronts her, accusing Jen of stealing her coat. Jen attempts to clarify it to Nic, but she refuses to listen, and they eventually part ways.

Nic gets back home and burns Mr. Miaowgi’s body on her bonfire, delivering an awkward eulogy. Her neighbor Malcolm spots her and she attempts to strike up a conversation with him, but he walks away.

Nic then receives a phone call, but she does not answer it, instead letting it ring. Lucy visits Nic and attempts to bad mouth Jen in the name of concern, but Nic sees right through her and dismisses the girl’s remarks. Following that, Lucy offers to make Quiches for Alex’s memorial, but Nic declines.

Nic is in the shower when Viv walks in and naturally, she requests that Viv leave. After, Nic thanks Viv for cleaning up the house, as Viv informs her that she has brought back her coat from the dry cleaners. Nic later regrets her outburst at Jen because it turned out to be a huge misunderstanding.

Nic visits Ollie’s school in search of Jen to apologize to her. Ollie informs her that she picked up her son Harry and left a long time ago.

Nic confronts Ollie about Mr. Miaowgi when they get home. Ollie confesses, saying he found Mr. Miaowgi in the tumble dryer and didn’t tell Nic because he knew she liked him a lot. He requests nuggets for dinner, and she agrees to let him have them.

Ollie, Nic, and Dan are playing games at night. Nic then decides to go to Jen’s house and apologize to her. At the same time, Jen goes to Nic’s house to talk to her and clear things up. Jen waits for Nic to return home.

When Nic goes to a house she believes is Jen’s, the owner informs her that no woman named Jen lives there. Furthermore, when Nic shows her a picture of Jen, the woman says that the woman in the picture is Katya.

Jen confronts Dan about Nic and she questions him about what’s wrong. She asks if Nic is upset with her, just as Nic returns home soon after and appears to be upset. Just when they are about to clear the confusion, Jen receives a call and rushes out, leaving her son at Nic’s place.

The Episode Review

The show uses a mystery building element that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This element complements the show’s plot exceptionally well.

The tension is at an all-time high now, with Jen dropping hints that something is absurd with her for the past few episodes, and in this one we almost get to know the truth when she receives a call and runs away. The upcoming episodes will be interesting because surely they will clear the air about what is going on.

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