Am I Being Unreasonable? – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Am I Being Unreasonable begins with Nic leaving a voicemail for Jen, asking her to contact as soon as possible because she left her son Harry with Nic. Dan is pressuring Nic to stay away from Jen because he believes she’s trouble and is trying to play games with him and his wife.

Dan asks for Nic’s help with his Eulogy for Alex’s memorial service which is held the following day. Nic says she will help him, but first she needs to find out if Lucy heard from Jen.

When Nic meets Lucy, she quizzes her about Jen before telling Lucy everything. When Jen eventually shows up, Nic expresses her disappointment. Jen then takes Nic to her actual home, where she explains that she wanted to help her friend Becca, whose husband is violent. She reveals that her friend’s son had called her the night before because things had gotten very bad.

Nic learns from Jen that she has a recording of a conversation she had with her friend Becca. Jen explains to Nic that she records conversations because her stepfather did something terrible to her when she was a kid. She recorded these conversations to make people believe her after her mother refused to.

Nic is asked to listen to a recording of Jen talking to Becca, and Jen asks Nic to trust her. Nic reassures her and tells Jen she hasn’t recorded her. Nic then takes Jen to her house so she can take a shower.

Nic tells Jen about the memorial service that will take place the following day while they walk. Nic has only ordered crisps for the guests, but Jen tells her that she should order sandwiches, quiches, and finger foods. Jen then inquires about Nic’s feelings, who admits that she misses Alex every day. Nic then implies that she believes she is haunted. Jen, on the other hand, dismisses her concerns.

Nic and Jen pay a visit to Lucy. Nic tells Lucy that she now likes her after admitting that she didn’t beforehand. Nic asks Lucy to watch the kids while she makes food for the memorial guests.

Dan calls Nic and informs her that she sent out emails for the memorial with the wrong date on them, so no one will show up the following day. Nic is terrified of the situation, but Jen calms her down, deciding instead to pay for phony guests to attend the memorial.

Nic and Jen go to the venue where Alex’s memorial service will be held. We learn that Nic’s wedding was held at the same place too, but when Dan sees Jen with Nic, he loses it and demands that Nic choose between him and Jen. When Nic picks Jen, he leaves and goes to his mom’s place.

Nic is mourning for Alex and is transported back in time to when she was with Alex at the railway station. In what’s e a very touching moment for her, Alex throws a snowball at her. Following that, she sees a girl and a boy who aren’t there. We can’t help but think Nic believes she’s being haunted by these two people, as she mentioned to Jen earlier in the episode. She asks them what they want, and the crisps delivery arrives, prompting the kids to vanish.

At night, Nic tells Jen that she’s relieved Dan left. She also expresses her gratitude to Jen for being present with her. Jen and Nic then have an odd conversation about how they’d be perfect for each other if Jen was a guy. Nic appears to be going along for the sake of it, but one would assume that Jen is actually serious about it.

Nic is looking for their new cat in her backyard when she comes across Ollie’s camcorder. When she watches a tape, she discovers that Ollie murdered Mr. Miaowgi by putting the cat in the washing machine and turning it on. Nic is taken aback by Ollie’s actions, and not long after the two people appear to Nic yet again.

The Episode Review

The episode gives us a glimpse of what’s actually going on with Jen’s character. Jen, who has been a rather shady player from the start, begins to make sense now. She’s obsessed with rescuing women who have been treated poorly. She was obsessed with helping her friend Becca, and she is now consumed with helping Nic. Her fixation on helping does not feel healthy. Furthermore, she records conversations, which raises concerns about her sanity, despite the fact that she has explained why she does so.

The episode concludes on a strange note, with the revelation that Ollie killed Mr Miaowgi. Until this point, the kid appeared to be the only sane character in the show, but now everything changes.

We’re only one episode away from the season finale, and some of our questions have yet to be answered. For instance, who are the two people Nic keeps seeing? Hopefully, the upcoming episode will tie up these loose ends.

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