Am I Actually The Strongest? – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Entrance Ceremony Hullabaloo

In episode 9 of Am I Actually The Strongest?, we see Haruto heading to school. He finds out that there is an entrance test and plans to score poorly on it so that the assessment committee will expel him. When Haruto is given the test, he just states, “I don’t know,” without understanding the question. He resolves to give convincing answers to a few questions should they suspect he’s being shady.

Haruto’s response sheet leaves a lasting impression on one of the professors. She attempts to persuade him to be her trainee. Haruto, however, rejects the offer and walks away in frustration.

Following this, it’s Haruto’s copy’s turn to attend school. He immediately recognizes Iris and the Vice President of the student council on his arrival. He is dead set on avoiding his extroverted classmates, so he stays as far away from them as he can.

The vice president of the student council starts bullying him when he attempts to run away. He then proceeds to attack Haruto’s double, who is completely unharmed because of the barrier Haruto has constructed around him. The vice president of the student council, however, gets extremely bitter about this.

Later on that day, the student council’s vice president orders Iris to dance naked. Iris begins to undress because she feels she has no other option. Haruto, however, appears in his Shiva outfit and strikes the boy. In the episode’s closing minutes, Haruto inflicts a wound on the youngster, warning him he will only make matters worse if he attempts to heal it.

Once the youngster makes amends for his wrongdoing, Haruto promises to treat the wound. As a consequence of this, the boy vows that he will not spare Shiva, and the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

During episode 9, Haruto’s plan to get expelled backfires when he attracts the attention of a teacher. Additionally, Haruto’s duplicate encounters both Iris and the troublesome vice president of the student council.

There’s a cliffhanger towards the end of the episode when the vice president of the student council says he refuses to spare Shiva, who is actually Haruto. Furthermore, Charlotte, Flay, and the other central characters are not seen during the episode. So, we have no idea what this means for these characters.

Just like the rest of the anime, this episode didn’t do much to thrill or entertain. Since Haruto never has a compelling adversary or a vulnerable spot, the outcomes of every challenge are always dull and predictable.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger. The Vice President of the student council and his attacks on Haruto, as well as the Queen’s plans to destroy him, could receive more screen time in the upcoming episodes.

One of Haruto’s main objectives is also for Charlotte to succeed his biological mother as queen. Furthermore, we will find out if Haruto accomplishes his ultimate goal of being a hermit during the final few episodes of the season.

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