Am I Actually The Strongest? – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Demon King’s Name

Episode 10 of Am I Actually The Strongest? opens with Haruto reaping the benefits of his recent popularity. He has become the talk of the town ever since he defeated Schneidel.

Not long after that, Haruto is confronted by his professor and royal cousins, all of whom inquire as to the field of study he will be pursuing. We can see that Laius, Marianne, and the professor are all exerting pressure on him to join one of their departments against his will.

Iris then makes her presence known shortly after this. Haruto exploits her presence as an escape in order to get away from the three of them. Iris expresses her gratitude to Haruto in private for the assistance he provided. Furthermore, she asks Haruto to become her friend. He eventually gives in after being persuaded.

Meanwhile, Flay reveals the true name of the demon king to Liza. She continues by informing her that the name of the demon king is Iris and that it has most likely assumed the shape of a human this time around. In the royal capital, Haruto concludes that he should capitalize on his friendship with Iris. As a consequence of this, he decides to become a member of her department so that she can help him with his academic work.

Iris and Haruto decide to go to his room in order to finish filling out the department forms. They immediately meet Charlotte upon entering the room. Following that, Charlotte continues to compliment Haruto while he and Iris complete the forms. Iris is completely taken aback by Haruto at this point in the conversation.

Iris’s eyes are closed by Haruto at the climactic moments of the episode, as Charlotte leaves through the Anyplace door. Iris asks Haruto how Charlotte left, but he doesn’t answer her question, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

There are two main stories in episode 10 of Am I Actually The Strongest?. In the beginning, we witness Haruto and Iris becoming friends. Flay, meantime, reveals the Demon King’s name to be Iris. Iris’s true identity is hinted at throughout the episode. As the season progresses, we realize that she is probably the Demon King that Flay has been admiring all along.

Neither the plot, the comedy nor the entertainment value of this episode is particularly great. The anime maintains the tone of its premise and portrays Haruto as invincible, which, to be honest, has become quite tiresome.

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