Am I Actually The Strongest? – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

I’ll Go With You

In episode 8 of Am I Actually The Strongest?, Laius and Marianne are shown having a talk. We find out that Laius is the one who put Haruto’s name forward to attend the royal capital school. The Queen Consort Gizelotte appears and demands Laius to keep an eye on Haruto while he is in the royal capital. As a consequence of this, Laius feels bad that he has put Haruto in such a precarious situation.

While all this is going on, Haruto and Liza leave to travel to the royal capital. They are travelling when they come across a horse-drawn carriage that is being pursued by a dangerous animal. Haruto dons his armour of the Black Knight and confronts the beast. It doesn’t take long for us to figure out that one of the passengers is a woman of a mysterious nature. It looks like she is keeping a few secrets to herself.

As soon as Haruto arrives in the royal capital, he finds that the amount of work there is overwhelming. After this, he and Liza make a quick departure through a magical door and head back to their home.

When Haruto finally arrives at his house, he requests that Flay prepare something for him. Charlotte, on the other hand, is adamant that they eat in one of the restaurants located within the royal capital. Following this, Haruto, Charlotte, Liza, and Flay utilise the magical door to travel to the royal capital.

In order to gain a general feel of the place, the four of them decide to go in different directions. On the other hand, Charlotte recommends that she and Haruto explore the place together.

After everyone has dispersed to their own destinations, Charlotte reveals to Haruto that she and he are going on a date. Haruto does not understand what is going on given that Charlotte is his sister. However, he comes to the conclusion that she is oblivious to the concept of a date, and so he continues to act as though nothing is wrong.

In the final moments of episode 8, Haruto and Charlotte have an unplanned interaction with the mysterious women. After she has left, Charlotte reveals to Haruto that she has noticed something peculiar about her, and this brings an end to the episode.

The Episode Review

In episode 8, Haruto and Liza, who is serving as his attendant, leave for the royal capital. They are travelling along when they come across a carriage that is being targeted by a vicious beast. It just so happens that one of the passengers is a strange woman who is clearly keeping secrets.

The central protagonist of the anime is shown as a powerful figure throughout the series. The fact that he does not have any vulnerabilities, however, ensures that he will be successful. This aspect brings down the overall quality of the show, turning it into an experience that is, for the most part, merely tolerable to watch.

In addition to this, the main character does not face any formidable foes who are capable of competing with his powers. Even Queen Gizelotte, who is known for her strength, is no match for him. Therefore, the episode as a whole does not provide a particularly exciting or engaging experience.

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