Alpha Males – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Ask Before You Enter

At the beginning of episode 4, the group decides to take a vacation to visit their friend Patrick. In case you missed season 1, Patrick is the same man who taught the course about feminism and the downfall of patriarchy that the friends attended.

They’ve come to meet Patrick to seek his advice on their current circumstances. Pedro talks about his boss, Angela, who’s giving him various sexual signals and making him try on his new shirt in front of him. 

Santi shares about a cute girl he met at work. Luis opens up about his open relationship and is told to embrace his vulnerabilities. As the episode progresses, they decide to spend the day exploring the streets of Madrid. Raul’s main focus is either to hook up or to convince Luis to give his open relationship some significance by making him sleep with a woman other than Esther.

Meanwhile, Pedro is torn between calling or not calling his ex, Daniele, whom he slept with after Raul’s party. Santi plans to ask Paula out for coffee once he returns, now that he has Patrick’s approval. Thanks to Raul’s connections, they get invited to a party hosted by Natasha, a wealthy woman. Luis initially doesn’t want to go because of his nagging wife but eventually agrees under pressure from his friends.

At the party, Natasha joins them and introduces them to Yuri, a bald Russian man. Santi unintentionally offends Yuri by criticizing the architecture of his house. He also calls out Yuri’s patriarchal behavior upon noticing that he only invited girls to the party, excluding boys.

Trouble escalates when Yuri’s bodyguard catches Pedro taking too many photos and kicks him and his friends out of the party. Additionally, Pedro’s phone gets broken in the scuffle. Raul is frustrated because he has been making progress with Natasha and was hoping to sleep with her.

Eventually, the friends board their train to return to their respective lives. Once in Madrid, Luis and Esther get into an argument about the lies Luis told to extend their stay in Marbella. We also see them attending a therapy session where they fabricate stories about the success of their open marriage.

Meanwhile, Santi prepares for his date with Paula, hoping for a pleasant evening with her. The night goes smoothly, and he even ends up sleeping with her. As for Pedro, he decides to reciprocate his boss’s advances, but he changes his mind when he receives a text from Daniele.

However, it turns out the text was actually sent by Patricia, Daniele’s housekeeper, in order to facilitate Pedro and Daniele reconnecting and potentially dating again.

The Episode Review

The episode is filled with moments that feel like they’ve been seen a hundred times before, making you wonder why you even started watching the show in the first place.

The group decides to take a day off to meet with Patrick, hoping he can help them out with their various personal issues. For Luis, it’s about navigating an open marriage while Raul is dealing with his feelings for Luz. Pedro finds himself facing advances from his boss, and Santi is trying to figure out how to have a fling with a coworker without causing trouble.

As for the next episode, it looks like Pedro and Daniele might end up getting back together, despite swearing they’d never reunite after the mess of season 1.

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