Alpha Males – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Other Way Around

At the start of episode 3, Pedro and Raul have an argument about their dirty flat and the mess it’s in. Pedro gives Raul the number of the agency where his old maid works and asks him to hire house help as soon as possible so they can declutter the house. Pedro hires a maid, but the agency sends them a male house helper instead of a female.

As the episode progresses, Santi lands the architect job he’s been aiming for all these weeks. His new boss loves the project that Santi pitched when they first met and believes he’ll be a great addition to the company.

However, Santi’s boss strictly warns him not to engage in an affair with someone from the office, or there will be consequences. Santi also strikes up a friendship with one of his co-workers and decides to take her to Raul’s restaurant opening. 

Pedro is in a bad mood because everything he and his team have written and worked on has been rejected. Since their last project about feminism is shelved, Pedro and his team are asked to work on a new project called Alpha Males.

Pedro’s ex isn’t having the best time either, as she is dropped by her agent and remaining clients. Fortunately, she gets a chance to inaugurate Raul and Diego’s new restaurant. Pedro receives an expensive shirt from Angela, and she insists he changes in front of her to try it on, aiming to kill the awkwardness.

It’s clear that Angela has a crush on him and possibly wants to sleep with Pedro. Santi advises Pedro to report her to HR, while Raul, as always, suggests Pedro should sleep with Angela. 

Later that day, Pedro is invited to Angela’s house to discuss the project’s budget, and things get intense when Angela asks Pedro to massage his foot. Fortunately, he is saved by Raul’s call, and he escapes by giving petty excuses.

Luz and Esther meet for lunch, and Luz reveals that she has endometriosis and has been advised by doctors to have her uterus removed. Esther comments that it’s for the best, as Luz has expressed previously that she doesn’t want to be a mother. However, Luz is having second thoughts now. 

Everyone gathers at Raul’s party, including Luz’s date from Tinder, who intends to flaunt his seemingly perfect life to Luz, his ex, to make her feel jealous. However, Raul changes his mind when he realizes his date is much taller than him.

Luz also arrives at the party with her current fling, Hector. Meanwhile, at the same party, Santi tries to convince Pedro’s writer to work on Pedro’s Alpha Males project. As the episode nears its end, we see Pedro has slept with Daniele, even though he told himself many times that he wouldn’t do something like this.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 of Alpha Males takes a gander at domestic disputes, career highs, and the most cliché, romantic entanglements. Pedro and Raul clash over household chores, leading to a comedic mix-up with their new male house helper.

Santi lands a nice job but faces a warning about office affairs. Pedro’s ex, Daniele, faces career woes while Angela’s advances test Pedro’s boundaries. As for Luz, she grapples with health decisions, and Raul’s restaurant opening becomes a stage for unexpected encounters.

With humor and drama, the episode sets the the scene for more twists and turns in the lives of the four lifelong friends. 

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