Alpha Males – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Don’t Go Falling In Love

Episode 5 begins with Pedro facing a barrage of questions from his roommate Raul, who wants to know how things went with Angela. Pedro drops a bombshell that he wasn’t with Angela but with his ex-wife Daniele instead.

Raul isn’t pleased about this and tries to bring up what Daniele did to him a year ago. However, Pedro doesn’t listen to Raul, as he usually does, and uses Raul’s own words against him. Pedro tells Raul that he wants to reconcile with Luz, even though she sold his hotel for only 1 Euro.

As the episode progresses, we get a glimpse into Santi and Luis’s current situations. Santi lands a huge project and is also recognized by his female clients for his feminist views. Santi’s boss also invites him to his house for dinner.

Therein, Santi mistakes his boss’s husband for his maid. However, this is the least of Santi’s problems as he soon learns that Paula, the girl he has been secretly seeing, is his boss’s daughter. 

Meanwhile, Luis discovers that his son has been looking at porn on their home computer. Pedro learns that the producers have given the green light to the Alpha Males series, and filming will begin soon. Even though Pedro’s team isn’t on board, they’ve no choice but to follow orders.

Trouble brews between Luis and Santi when Ulises touches Alex’s breasts while she is babysitting them. Ulises is also caught watching explicit content in the classroom. As a result, Luis and Esther are called to the principal’s office. They try to talk to Ulises and promise to buy him a video game if he stops looking at “bad” videos. 

Raul stops hanging out with the group, and they fear he is spending time with his other friends. This is concerning because Raul doesn’t have any other friends. As the episode nears its end, he matches with a bibliophile on Tinder but is turned off when she starts talking about books. Pedro, on the other hand, gets back with Daniele and even posts a video to officiate it.

The Episode Review

The episode continues at a sluggish pace, with events unfolding that often lack coherence. Pedro reunites with his old flame, but Angela is determined to seduce him.

Raul isn’t pleased with Pedro’s reconciliation either, as he realizes that if Daniele moves in with Pedro, he’ll have to find somewhere else to live. Perhaps that’s why he’s spending time with Diego and his circle of homosexual friends.

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