A Love So Beautiful – K-drama Episode 22 Recap & Review

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Episode 22 of A Love So Beautiful begins with Heon waiting to hear from Sol-I as Dr Seo teases him. She tells him she’s probably come to her senses and if she were Sol-I, she’d be dating someone else by now. Heon recalls Dae-Sung’s hastily tucked-away ring. Dr Seo receives notice of a fan event for her idol, Woo Dae-Sung, and Heon escapes.

At a publishing house, Sol-I signs a contract for her story A Love So Beautiful.

Heon meets Jin-Hwan and asks him for help in getting Sol-I back. Jin-Hwan spills the beans that she’s no longer waiting around as she’s a real writer now, as well as what a hard time she’d had when he left, noting the assault.

Ha-Young and Jin-Hwan invite her to their house-warming party. She’s busy but something spurs her on to accept the invite. Ha-Young notes living with Jin-Hwan is like living with a kid.

Heon shows up to the party last wearing his school uniform. He says Jin-Hwan told him to wear what they wore in school but didn’t translate that to ‘casual,’ to everyone’s chuckles.

They all take photos where Dae-Sung bringing out his modelling poses. They tell Heon to be cute since he’s in a uniform and it takes him a little time to warm up. Heon gets a call and must return to the hospital so Dae-Sung assures him he’ll take Sol-I home.

Dropping her off, Dae-Sung asks for a moment. He offers her flowers, a sparkly ring and asks her to be his girlfriend. She says she thinks of him as a good friend and they manage to part with a chuckle over their low standards.

Dr Seo is paging through Dae-Sung’s website, calling him ‘Oppa.’ She waxes on about how he’s rich, talented, handsome and has a great personality. Heon shakes his head.

Later that night, Dae-Sung and Jin-Hwan are drinking in a bar where Dae-Sung is miserably doing shots. Several bottles later, Heon shows up too but says he needs to return to the hospital.

Dae-Sung asks why he left Sol-I’s side and Heon does have a shot, explaining that he likes her more than she likes him and thought she’d chase if he left because she always did. He says he’s been regretting it for the last three years and can’t live without her.

Dae-Sung displays his phone and asks Sol-I if she’s heard all that. He notes it’s the most Heon has ever said in one go. Jin-Hwan wakes up and forces the guys to make up.

Ha-Young appears to take Jin-Hwan and Dae-Sung home while Heon is left with Sol-I. Dae-Sung looks gutted.

Heon asks Sol-I to forgive him. She’s almost there but considers and instead says she needs time, walking away.

Flash forward to Heon at the on-call room and Dr Seo running in to squeal that Dae-Sung is there. The guys tease each other and Dr Seo can hardly contain herself in front of a smiling Dae-Sung.

The Episode Review

So, here we are on the final week of A Love So Beautiful and quickly coming to a resolution. Dae-Sung took the prize as the better man, as he so often does. How stellar to look after his friend’s love even amidst his own heartbreak. Well, he leaves no doubt as to whose side he’s on.

Now, check me here – did Heon imply that he’s been playing hard-to-get since high school? His admission that he likes her more sure sounds like it. In terms of winning her back, Heon is getting there, hopefully learning from his more relationship-focused friends both Dae-Sung and Jin-Hwan. And who’s secretly pleased that Jin-Hwan dropped the bomb about Sol-I’s attack? Seriously, Heon – it’s not all about you. And the sooner you figure that out, the sooner you’ll have a shot at a real relationship with Sol-I.

Loving the little piece about Dr Seo having a thing for Dae-Sung. If you were Heon, might you have mentioned, at the very least, that you knew him in high school? Or perhaps that would have led to awkward favour-asking or more uncomfortable discussions about Sol-I.

In any case, today’s flashforward was a good one and somehow seemed more like the actors than the characters, didn’t it? Either way, I’m pulling for a Dae-Sung win somewhere in all this.

Jin-Hwan and Ha-Young now have their enviable marital home. What’s this with Jin-Hwan singing to aunties as his career? Somehow that is exactly his character. We have no idea what Ha-Young does but she continues to stand out as beautiful cardboard – the most gorgeous paper doll. I get that she’s a contrast to Jin-Hwan but even Heon comes up with a little more energy here and there.

We’re down to our last two episodes of A Love So Beautiful and most of the questions have been cleared away. Now it’s just a matter of whether Sol-I accepts Heon or not and what that means for their futures.

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