A Love So Beautiful – K-drama Episode 21 Recap & Review

Your Wedding

Episode 21 of A Love So Beautiful begins with Sol-I calling Heon to object to the kiss they shared the previous evening. After she shouts a little, Dr Seo speaks – she’s picked up Heon’s phone as it kept ringing. She says she’ll pass on the message and teases Heon when she sees him.

Jin-Hwan is waiting with no patience at all. Ha-Young comes out in her wedding dress and says he must have saved the universe in a past life. They take snaps to send to their friends.

Sol-I visits her Dad with lunch but he’s already enjoying the tray that Heon delivered. Her mother tells her to bring what she bought to Heon, as he’s working all evening. She shoos her out with the food.

Sol-I is standing outside the on-call room when Heon arrives. She pretends the bag isn’t for him but hands it over in the end. He gets her to stay and asks if they can make up now. She reminds him that they broke up three years ago but says he never once thought they’d broken up. She did – however, he tells her they will make up.

Dae-Sung helps Sol-I’s Dad get ready to leave the hospital. Heon visits to see them off and Sol-I makes a quick exit to avoid him and take care of the bills.

At the wedding, Sol-I, Dae-Sung and Heon congratulate Ha-Young. Jin-Hwan calls the guys out – he’s freaking out that he lost the rings. Dae-Sung jokes with him but has them in his pocket. Jin-Hwan grabs a different ring from him – a solitaire – by mistake. He quickly tucks it away, but Jin-Hwan is on to him.

Jin-Hwan greets guests including their high school friends Mi-Nyeo, Se-Hyeong, Su-Jin and Hui-Ji. Hui-Ji tells Sol-I what happened on the day of the campfire and with the MP3 player, confirms that Heon liked Sol-I even back then.

Jin-Hwan and Ha-Young have their wedding. When it comes time to throw the bouquet, Heon catches it but hands it to Sol-I. Everyone ooh’s and Dae-Sung is not pleased.

Flashback to the guys performing a dance routine for the bride and guests.

The Episode Review

So cute! Best flashback yet. But was it a bit out of character? Maybe for your closest friends’ wedding, you’d do it. It’s not much of a stretch for Dae-Sung who earns a living on competitions and advertising. But I kept thinking – really? Staid Dr Cha? Perhaps he saw it as an opportunity to impress Sol-I.

Interestingly, Sol-I and Heon did not actually clear the air. It feels like he intends to pick up where things left off (‘we will make up’) – a bit heavy-handed, no? And she is trying really hard to move on. Or at least to make up her mind and then not give in too soon.

Checking the Chinese original, they did discuss what happened that day – him losing his first patient and her fighting to escape assault. Somehow the scale of those two things seem worth conversing.

Heon’s ‘I never once thought we broke up,’ is both endearing and naïve. Do you think he means it or is he bluffing? After that single call to ask her to see him off, he did not try to reconcile. Instead, he left the country – for three years. Did he think she’d just wait like she did in high school? But let’s not forget she’s the one who ended things – see what happens with misunderstandings?

The wedding piece was sweet and Jin-Hwan was completely in-character. He was especially fabulous during the dress presentation – like he won the lottery. But what about Ha-Young? We haven’t seen her animated since she said goodbye to Mr Lee. I keep waiting for her to act like she likes Jin-Hwan but don’t see it, even at their wedding. She’s as wooden as Heon is self-contained.

Aside from some little nitpicks, this is overall a fun episode with lots of activity as they bring it home. There are three more to go and we’re left with Dae-Sung carrying an engagement ring and Heon insisting they never broke up. What will Sol-I do?

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