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A Love So Beautiful – K-drama Episode 23 Recap & Review

My Dear Honey

Episode 23 of A Love So Beautiful begins with Heon calling Sol-I from work but it goes to voicemail. Sol-I finishes her story and, finding the missed call, shows up in his on-call bed at the hospital.

Dae-Sung signs autographs at a fan event. He recognizes Dr Seo from having met at the hospital and they have a little chat.

Jin-Hwan teaches his singing and dancing class to a roomful of aunties plus Sol-I’s parents.

Sol-I meets Heon at the hospital and receives a marriage proposal, which she accepts. Heon walks her home and decides he’s staying as he’s off the following day.

He makes himself comfortable on her lap. When her mother calls with a blind date offer, he takes the phone and says they’re back together. Sol-I tries to send him home, but he’s not budging, staying on the couch instead. Of course, neither can sleep.

They chat instead, she confessing that his proposal was touching and he asking why she always forgets that he loves her. They finally clearly say ‘I love you’ to each other.

Heon wakes Sol-I with breakfast and they blush awkwardly. He stops the chatter with toast. Afterwards, they hang laundry together, giggling but Sol-I’s parents appear at the door. She claims he left and returned that morning.

Sol-I’s Dad and Heon drink together, both having more than they can handle. Heon asks her father to marry him and he agrees, so her mother decides it’s time to take her husband home. She leaves Heon to Sol-I.

Sol-I gets a signing event date for her book but none of her gang are able to attend, all with work or other excuses. On the day, they all show up anyway.

Walking their old route hand-in-hand, Sol-I admires her ring. We see an image of Sol-I and Heon together as high schoolers.

Flashforward to Heon making a video for Sol-I about when he first started liking her. She walks in so he aborts, leaving the video running.

The Episode Review

Help me here – is it just me or is this episode really disappointing? Even down to the Flash moment. I’m sort of at a loss because it was just so… blah.

Things started well with Sol-I forgiving Heon by showing up unexpectedly but we also missed what happened between last instalment’s ‘I need time to think’ and today’s ‘I got here an hour ago.’ What the? Isn’t that piece a bit more important than that fairly empty signing event or Heon’s unfinished video? That video, by the way, could have been cute but is merely a tease.

The love confessions – long awaited, I think you’ll agree – were delivered so matter-of-factly. Twenty-three episodes and that’s it.  Then the most anemic kiss ever tops it off.

On the up side, if you’ve got mixed feelings about the character Heon, the reason is now clear – he has to have things his way, meaning Sol-I is not his first priority. In fact, she’s probably about third, after the hospital. In his proposal he said he was nothing without her. But he does what he wants when he wants and has a job that’s the perfect excuse to keep him doing just that. Am I going on?

Sorry, let’s go back to blandness issue. Not sure if you’re following either of these other dramas but both Lost Romance and The Devil Punisher have strong romantic relationship elements and both had stellar weeks. So maybe that’s why this feels so insipid.

For the most part, except for a glitch a couple of chapters ago, A Love So Beautiful is a nice, fairly innocent drama that’s well told. However they seem to have dropped the ball (again) on the well-told piece. Anyone have a different perspective to share?

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