All That We Loved – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Secret that Was Only Kept from You

All That We Loved Episode 5 opens on Yoo and So Yeon’s moment before the makgeolli party gets busted. He sends So Yeon off with bestie Joon Hee so he can help Soon Tak. As they hide tucked between buildings, staring into each other’s eyes, Yoo interrupts with a call. They meet in the park, but Joon Hee is having trouble with his vision.

Jump to 2023 where So Yeon visits Dr Go and he invites her to his house. This is only a brief segment though, as we’re quickly whisked back to 2006 when Yoo takes So Yeon home. Soon Tak notes that Joon Hee looked better with her than Yoo does.

As they walk, So Yeon asks about Yoo’s friendship with Joon Hee. Afterwards, he heads to Joon Hee’s to ask the fateful question – whether he likes So Yeon too. Joon Hee convincingly denies it.

Yoo stays the night and the next morning, Joon Hee sounds oddly like Yoo. And He’s also no longer wearing his glasses. At school, So Yeon voluntarily hangs with Yoo, much to his delight.

In 2023 So Yeon talks about the difference between happy and sad endings. Dr Go asks her to confess her secret.

Back at school, both guys get scared by a pigeon. While Yoo and So Yeon get to know each other better, Joon Hee uncharacteristically feels angry spotting his bully at work.

Joon Hee has his check at the hospital, receiving positive results. He mentions his abnormalities but they’re deemed a good thing, so he just goes with it. Meanwhile, Yoo quietly searches for Grandmother’s missing necklace. So Yeon is left alone in the classroom and takes something from another student’s desk. Does Yoo catch her in the act?

In 2023 she shares the news that she’s in the midst of a theft case and in the classroom, Yoo checks her bag and not only finds the item but the necklace belonging to Joon Hee’s grandmother too.

The Episode Review

Now that Joon Hee has lost his moment to be honest about his feelings for So Yeon, this takes the guys down a different road. However well-meaning, a wedge has been created.

So, the secret referred to in the title is about So Yeon’s little habit. And in that, it seems like Dr Go can only be Joon Hee, as Yoo is the one who discovers it in 2006. But is stealing Grandmother’s family necklace a deal breaker for Yoo?

We’re getting little glimpses of Joon Hee picking up Yoo’s traits – his cheerful morning greeting, newly developed interest in breakfast and swiftly improved eyesight. The implication is that it’s because of the kidney transplant rather than a suddenly brighter outlook, potentially caused by improved health.

We’ve reached the second half of the story where mysteries are gradually uncovered, but the story still seems a bit scattered. The interaction between the best friends and Soon Tak is rather charming, but So Yeon – at least the high school version – feels a bit like a paper doll. Is her stoic character part of the cover for her habit? Or even evidence that there’s something dramatic in her backstory? More to come in Episode 6.

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