All That We Loved – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Liking Someone with All Your Strength

All That We Loved Episode 4 has the guys meeting on their way to school. After Yoo checks in, he runs off to see someone but she’s not at her desk.

Then we’re back in the storage room where So Yeon is quarrelling with the other girls. Joon Hee steps up to her rescue but Yoo enters from another door moments later to take her hand and pull her away from the girls.

In 2023, Dr Go is texting with So Yeon, who makes an appointment so she can see him during the day. He spots the picture of the three of them and recalls the day they’d returned to school and saved So Yeon.

Yoo compares her to Joon Hee, telling them both to laugh more openly. Interestingly, the senior bully spots them smiling together.

In the school shower room several students are handing over their rice balls. A guy makes makgeolli (fermented rice wine) with them, setting it to stand and telling them to return on Sunday with a plus one.

Soon Tak has brown rice, so he’s out of the plan. However, he does beg one of the guys to bring him as a guest. Yoo has someone else in mind.

At home studying, Joon Hee thinks about So Yeon’s laughter but forces himself to focus. Yoo phones in a request to Grandmother to turn off his lights at 10pm. Joon Hee aims to continue but feels a bit off.

Meanwhile, Yoo is throwing baskets but he’s spacing out and not making too many shots. His coach is not impressed but Yoo claims it’s nothing to do with his surgery. And So Yeon’s at work thinking about the rescue and Yoo’s smile.

The next day, the guys help out Grandmother who’s ordered way too many flowers by mistake. As they walk the streets, Joon Hee gets scared by a pigeon.

In 2023 Dr Go is also unsettled by a suspicious looking pigeon which So Yeon shoos away. He notes she’s added alcohol to her drink every time they’ve met, but she laughs it off.

Back in 2006, Yoo sells flowers to So Yeon and uses the opportunity to ask her to join them on Sunday. And just like that, Sunday night rolls round and they gather at school for the makgeolli. Once they’re all gathered inside, the gang are chased by security. Soon Tak falls, so Yoo helps him and sends So Yeon off with Joon Hee to hide.

Catching their breath, So Yeon and Joon Hee seem to be having a moment – then the credits roll.

The Episode Review

Does Yoo notice that Joon Hee likes So Yeon too? Since he’s perpetually aware of Joon Hee’s every reaction, he must be, no? Maybe he’s in denial? Deciding to be selfish in this one thing? In fairness he’s been vocal about his predilection since first meeting her. Or is Joon Hee good at tucking it away from him? Like he did with his illness.

Coupled with the issue of So Yeon, the guys seem to be feeling each other’s feelings. So maybe Yoo is genuinely missing it mixed in with his own thoughts of romance. This connection was a part of the picture even before the surgery. In the last episode, where Yoo continued to talk about ‘us’ – we can see that there’s more than a simple friendship here. So why are they so far apart in 2023?

This feels like one of the things that’s lacking in the story. Even though the whole narrative is a memory of Dr Go, we know almost nothing about him and there’s only an occasional link between the two time periods. The way things are going, the unspoken battle for So Yeon’s heart seems a primary culprit.

Hoping that we’ll see more of the hinge unroll in the second half of the series. If you’re following, shout out your thoughts in the comments below!

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