All That We Loved – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Sadness Brings About a Strong Will

All That We Loved Episode 6 drops us back in the classroom with Yoo catching So Yeon and checking her bag, calling her a thief. She claims she doesn’t know where she got the necklace and he walks out on her.

In 2023, Soon Tak asks if Dr Go has seen the news about So Yeon. He offers a sandwich but then recalls it has peanut sauce (Yoo’s allergen). Dr Go requests research on PMS-related kleptomania and impulse control.

After leaving So Yeon, Yoo sneaks off to shoot baskets and think. He recalls So Yeon drinking beer and that he’s heard she transferred schools a lot.

After school, Joon notices more similarities to Yoo. And he’s surprised to receive his grandmother’s lost necklace. Yoo claims he doesn’t know where he found it, but So Yeon remembers finding it on the stairs.

At dinner, Grandmother wonders why Joon Hee is using his right hand and he makes an excuse. She’s delighted when he hands over the necklace Yoo found.

Yoo can’t stop thinking about catching So Yeon. While Joon Hee starts listing all the changes he’s noticed in himself. The ultimate test is eating a few peanuts, but it seems like he’s fine in that department.

At school, the bully approaches So Yeon and even though they’re not talking, Yoo heads in for the rescue. She just walks away from them both. Yoo asks So Yeon about her secret and she tells him what he’s already discovered – she steals.

In 2023, Dr Go tells So Yeon that her impulse disorder is caused by PMS. She says she’s sought treatment but afterwards, it returns, noting it’s comforting that he understands her. She invites herself to stay at his house with the excuse of avoiding reporters.

Joon Hee asks his grandmother if she’d be happy if he were more like Yoo, but of course she just teases him. Walking along with her, he spots So Yeon and runs after her, catching her stealing from a shop. She confirms that Yoo caught her too and walking back, Joon Hee spots the bully dragging another kid and he can’t stop himself from getting involved. As Joon Hee takes another beating, Yoo starts to feel restless. And just as Joon Hee’s about to take another hit, Yoo jumps in.

The Episode Review

Lots of introspection in this episode as Yoo can’t stop thinking about So Yeon’s transgressions while Joon Hee is obsessing over the changes in himself. He’s much brighter than before. And Yoo is quite down, troubled by So Yeon.

Joon Hee is not the only one noticing his new Yoo-like behaviours. His grandmother and friends are now pointing things out, making it more difficult to ignore. In the last episode, he’d glanced at a sign for psychiatry in the hospital. Perhaps this is where a career interest triggers.

Interestingly, PMS-related kleptomania and impulse control is a thing. But now that we’ve seen So Yeon having separate conversations with both Yoo and Joon Hee about stealing, it’s weird that in 2023 she asks Dr Go if he knew. Now who the heck is he? Or is this just a slip of the pen in the narrative flow department?

When this story should be ramping up to its denouement, it feels a little like it’s running out of steam. Is it me or does everyone seem tired? Only two episodes to go and all should be revealed. What’s your best guess on the identity of Dr Go?

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