All Rise – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

The Bug

All Rise returns with a new trial, this time tackling gang influence and reprisal. We see a glimpse of what it must be like for some youths too as Lola tries her best to reach a fair verdict. While All Rise does follow the same formula each week, it still remains quite enjoyable to watch as it develops each character’ stories well with the added bonus of a new trial in each chapter.

Episode 13 of All Rise begins with Emily watching a football game coached by former gang member, Alex, who asks her to visit one of his kids called Diego, who needs her help. Lola gets ready to fly to DC to visit her husband, Robin and in the evening she visits Diego and his mum. Alex explain that Diego is innocent as he was with him at the time of the murder. She’s shocked to find out he’s involved in a murder and advises that he surrenders to the police. Alex insists that she should be his lawyer, so she promises to do her best.

Meanwhile, Amy Quinn finds Mark in the hallway and reveals that the murder weapon has been found in his father’s house. However, she tells him it doesn’t necessarily mean he is guilty and will try to exclude it.

In Washington, Lola is reunited with her husband who tells her that he might finally get the promotion he has always wanted. Later that night, Robin finds out that he’s going to get an offer but he will have to stay for a year. Being so far away is going to be difficult for them but they vow to make it work.

Back in California, Emily sees Maria (Diego’s mum) and tells her she managed to be his lawyer. As she heads in to court, she learns that Diego’s alibi is false as he was filmed getting in the same car which was identified at the scene. This prompts her to confront Alex about his lie. She then decides to hire him as a gang expert on his team to help Diego.

Back in the courthouse meeting room, Diego finally relays what happened that night and how the gang shot the victim but insists that he never touched the weapon. Emily tells him she’s going to try to get him immunity or relocation if he gives names and testifies against them at a trial. The next morning, Emily receives a call from an angry Alex as the other gang members are being arrested. In the courthouse, she’s summoned to Choi’s office and finds out that her conversation with Diego was recorded as they had probable cause.

As the trial starts again, Emily demands to know how the bug got there. Lola questions Diaz who defends himself about his reasons but Emily becomes frustrated as those names could have helped Diego and he’s now in danger of reprisal from the gang members in prison.

Later that evening, Mark meets with Amy again who reveals that his father was framed by the Armenians, which will be the defence she will use. This prompts him to text Lola to meet at their usual spot. Lola discusses the dilemma she is facing with Diego and as usual wants to do what’s right and fair for everyone. They then talk about his father and their turbulent relationship.

During Vic’s trial, Amy manages to exclude the gun from the case. As the judge calls for a recess, Vic apologises to his son and Mark replies that while he doesn’t like how he lived his life, he doesn’t think that he is a murderer. Diego’s trial resumes and Lola announces that the courthouse meeting room should not be bugged but due to the severity of the case, the recordings are in. She calls both lawyers into her chambers where she convinces them to agree on a deal to give Diego immunity and relocation.

The episode ends with Kanksi deciding to date Curtis while Lola calls Robin and tell him to take the job as they both start making plans for the future.

The latest episode of All Rise sees Lola facing challenges in her personal life too as her husband gets offered a job in DC. They both seem determined to make it work but I’m wondering if she’ll consider moving back East to be closer to him. In the meantime, this week’s trial bring us some more controversies around gang influences and while I feel this could have been developed further, it was an interesting topic nonetheless.

All Rise is an easy to watch legal drama offering up a good balance of courtroom action and character relationships. It may not be the best drama out there but the likable characters and different court cases each week is enough to keep you invested and coming back for more.

All Rise is available to watch on CBS All Access. Feel free to click here and sign up now to check this show out!

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