All Rise – Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review

Parent Trouble

All Rise returns this week with its usual formula, giving us some interesting court cases while we follow our characters’ lives and challenges. This episode offers up more focus on Mark and Lola’s difficult relationship with their parents which does help to give some depth to the show.

Episode 14 of All Rise begins in hospital with Amy picking up Mark after he hurt himself ice skating. She tells him she believes his father might be free from prison soon while Lola meets with her father in a diner who reveals that the Law chronicles approached him and her mother for a statement.

In the courthouse, Emily’s new client is prison inmate Izzy, accused of murder but claims to have acted in self-defence. After discussing a plea deal with the other lawyer, Emily meets with Izzy who tells her that the victim, Vera, came at her with a shank and he had no other choice.

Mark meets with his client, Bernie, who was attacked and robbed while visiting her husband’s grave. He tries to convince her to testify and she agrees to do so on the condition that he bring her watch back. However, he needs to first prove that she’s competent and of a sound mind. Unfortunately her interrogation doesn’t go very well when she’s unable to remember her lunch with Mark that same day.

Lola arrives in the courthouse, worrying about the brazen statement her mum did about her in the newspaper. Sherry is impressed by it while Judge Benner seems angry. She’s also surprised to find out Luke is applying to be Benner’s clerk and not hers. Mark has lunch with Bernie again and when she talks about the history behind her beloved watch, he realises that he can re-establish her competence in court. Back in the trial, he questions her about it and she gives enough details to show that her long term memory is fine.

As Lola questions Luke about his reasons for not applying to be her clerk, her mum appears to talk to her. Lola confronts her over the reckless statement she turned into an indictment against the justice system. Her mother defends herself though and they clash about each other’s jobs and beliefs when it comes to the public and how justice is delivered.

Meanwhile, Mark finds out from Amy that the attorney general has dropped the charges and his dad is going to be released. He later finds Bernie to tell her the judge will let her testify. After confiding about the difficult relationship with his dad, he relays the good news to him. Vic explains that he’ll have to go out of town as the Croatians will be after him. This seems to upset Mark as he visits Lola who vents to him about what her mother did.

Back in Izzy’s trial,  Emily manages to make Vera’s cellmate Leanne admit to taking the shank when she found her best friend’s body. She explains that Vera was depressed and angry that Izzy was getting out of prison. She blames herself though as she’s the one who made the shank and didn’t tell anyone Vera was in trouble. After adjourning for the sentencing, we find out that the jury found Izzy not guilty.

After agreeing to a plea deal, Mark manages to get the watch back but as he tries to return it to Bernie he finds out she died. Lola meanwhile learns Luke accepted a job at the DA office because he wants to be her and not work for her. Lola’s father arrives at the courthouse to tell her that her mother is taking a leave of absence as she’s getting tired. After he leaves, Judge Benner comes to her room and announces that she’s running for state attorney general, which explains why she was pre-occupied and not because of the article.

As the episode closes, Mark gives his father a lift and shares some memories with him while Lola has dinner with her parents and makes peace with her mum. After dropping his dad off, Mark visits Amy and thanks her which leads to them finally kissing.

While All Rise does feel a little predictable at times, especially as it follows the same formula each week, the drama is still quite enjoyable as we’re given interesting court cases each episode. We see enough of the characters’ personal lives too which helps give the show a nice balance.

Both Lola and Mark continue struggling with their parents and it was quite moving to see Mark having to say goodbye to his dad after just getting back in touch with him. There were some poignant scenes too including Emily’s client and Mark’s too. The show always manages to wrap each story up nicely and never really leaves things unresolved. All Rise might not be the most impressive legal drama out there but it’s definitely an easy and entertaining series for fans of the genre.

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