All Rise – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

The Charity Gala

All Rise returns after its winter break and remains as consistent as it was in the first half of its season. With another decent episode, this legal drama continues to be enjoyable while still giving us enough character development and interesting trials along the way.

Episode 12 of All Rise starts with Emily and Sara leaving to go to work while Lola and Mark meet on the beach to discuss his latest case which involves a woman named Joy who died due to medical negligence. After her hearing, Lola decides to make an effort and become friends with her fellow judges.

Meanwhile, Emily has to defend Jeremy Moore, son of a congresswoman, who is accused of sabotaging valves at an oil refinery. He tells her he did it as it was poisoning the neighbour with fumes which will be his defence. After his mother visits the courthouse and Judge Benner, she convinces her son to file a motion for a bench trial instead.

Mark meets with his client and discusses how the doctor ignored his wife’s symptoms when she came to him after her caesarean, with chest pains and fatigue. Lola meanwhile manages to get an invite to the charity gala she wanted to go to, after speaking to the judge in Mark’s case just before he heads to the trial. As the trial begins, another doctor is on the stand explaining that Dr Gibson has been treating his African-American patients less thoroughly than its white ones.

Jeremy’s trial starts and as the first witness, Ed Parker, arrives on the stand, he reveals that he tried to stop him but also explains that Jeremy has a good heart, believing he would never hurt anyone.  Dr Gibson’s nurse is on the stand next and reveals that the doctor had previously made some racial comments about Joy. Joy’s husband tells the jury how badly treated his wife was after she made a complaint and his testimony is then followed by Dr Gibson’s who denies the allegation and tearfully explains that what happened to Joy was an accident, begging the jury to let him carry on delivering babies.

During the charity gala, Lola comes face to face with Congresswoman Moore who wants to speak about her son. Lola tells her they shouldn’t talk about the case or she will have to remove herself from it. The congresswoman tells her that she wouldn’t want that as she knows she can be quite sympathetic with the accused in her court.

Meanwhile, Emily organises a meeting between mother and son where Jeremy explains his reasoning behind this act was because he was being blackmailed by one of her opponents, Ed Parker, who wanted to ruin her life. The trial then continues with the Congresswoman on the stand, where she reveals that she has bipolar disorder.

After Mark delivers his closing statement, he visits his dad to confront him about running a high-stakes card game and getting involved with Armenian criminals. He insists on his innocence though, despite his son telling him that he doesn’t believe him. Mark then goes back to court where he finds out that the jury has decided the doctor is not guilty of secondary degree murder.

After apologising to Niles, Mark meets with Lola on the stairs to discuss their difficult days before Lola heads back to her trial, where she finds Jeremy guilty but charges him with misdemeanour, arresting Parker for his blackmail. The episode then ends with Niles giving a heartfelt speech about racial bias in the medical field before both Lola and Mark return to the beach to toast about their days.

We’re seeing more and more of Judge Benner’s manipulative side in the latest episode of All Rise and fortunately, Lola is on her case and ready to take her on. She faced another difficult case this week and has to deal with her reputation too, which to some see her as being quite lenient.

While the evidence pointed at the doctor being guilty, Mark loses his trial and this was quite emotional as he fights for what he believes is fair. Both our characters had a difficult day in the office and their chemistry together continues to be one of the drama’s strongest points.

All Rise has so far managed to remain consistent with its pace and tone across the previous 11 episodes but whether CBS will renew this for a second season though, remains to be seen. In the meantime, the series continues to be an easy to watch and enjoyable drama.


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