Alan Wake 2 Guide: “Initiation 5: Room 665” Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Alan Wake 2 Guide: Room 665

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Reaching The Rooftop Bar

Oceanview Hotel – Room 665

Entrance Hall

Final Scene


Rehearsal Room

Back To The Ballroom

Entrance Hall Again

Finally The Final Scene

Initiation 6 – Return


When you gain control of Alan in the alleyway, prepare yourself because depending on how good you are with puzzles, this could be a very long chapter. There’s a lot of scene shifting and running through hallways, and it’s not always clear exactly where you need to go. Thankfully, we’re here to help!


Reaching The Rooftop Bar

When you start the chapter, approach the flickering lamppost and hold X to transfer the light. Now, head through the doorway to the other side. You’ll find a ladder on the left leading down.

Go all the way to the bottom and follow the linear path as it goes back up the stairs again and across to a bright apartment building.

Once more, hold X to transfer the light. The scene will then shift and allow you to head under the scaffolding to the left. Go under and follow the linear path as it curls round. Climb the ladder at the end and when you do, hold X to transfer the light. We’ll now have a Break Room appear right behind us. 

It’s a good idea at this point to save the game because if you die, you’ll have to go all the way back through this long section again.

Our destination is at the far end of this rooftop. In the middle, there are three orbs holding a container in mid-flight. Aim your flashlight and take each of these out.

Watch out for the Taken here as there are a fair few that will show and attack on this rooftop. Use the Break Room safe light to recover after picking off a few of the shadows. There’s also a Cooler on either side of the Orbs too, which includes some bullets and 1x Battery pack.

With the way cleared, open the door where the orbs were blocking. In the next area, climb up the stairs and immediately duck under the cardboard tunnel. There’s no point in wasting your bullets or flashlight beam here on the shadows. 

When you emerge, look to your left and you’ll notice a Break Room in the distance. Go up the stairs and rest up here. From the Break Room’s location, turn left and up the next two ladders. Go into the dark room ahead and ignore the light flickering outside for now.

On the other side, when you emerge back on the rooftop, hold X to take the light. If you look to your left, you’ll notice that there’s a new stairwell that’s been added that wasn’t there before. Return back inside again and back on the original rooftop. Now we can hold X to transfer the light.

When you do, the stairwell will change slightly and allow us safe passage. Go down the stairs and when you curl around, you’ll be faced with the rooftop area of the Oceanview Hotel. Before interacting with the door, head to the right into the bar area (pictured below).

Approach the flickering light and hold X to transfer the light. Now we can enter the bar area. Make note of the drinks menu, as we’ll need that for the code into the Hotel. When you step into the bar, hold X again and you’ll find another weapon, the Double-barrelled Shotgun. 

There’s also a trunk just to the right of the shotgun, which includes 1x Battery Park, 1x Flare and a Trauma Pack. Be sure to open the filing cabinet too before pressing X to transfer the light and allow us out.

Now, head for the door of the Hotel and input the code 2550 (pictured below).


Oceanview Hotel – Room 665

With the way cleared, head all the way along the linear path and straight toward Room 665. Use 1x Room 665 Key on the door to open and press X (A) to turn on the projector. 

Now, head for the screen and hold X (A) to trigger another cutscene. This one includes the very paranoid Thomas Zane and hints that Alice may be closer than we thought.

Exit Room 665 and head into the hallway again. When you do, you’ll notice another Echo. Curl around to the right and line up the orbs to see another Casey scene. Now, approach the elevator and descend.


Entrance Hall

When you emerge, we’ll have a new scene to play with, Entrance Hall. First thing’s first, approach the reception and grab 1x Map of Oceanview Hotel from the wall. This is pretty hard to miss given we need to be here to activate another Echo. After, you’ll gain a new Plot Element, Pre-Show Ritual.

Before you do anything else, head round to the main lobby and open the bright door to the right. This is another Break Room.

After saving, head into the entrance and open the Plot Board. Add Pre-Show Ritual to the Entrance Hall. Now, curl round the entrance hall to the right. Open up Room 111 and you’ll find a trunk on the other side of the bed holding some bullets. Leave the room and keep moving round the hallway and you’ll unlock a new scene, Final Scene.


Final Scene

In the Final Scene area, add Pre-Show Ritual to change the scenery. Be sure to check out the notes on the stack of boxes. There’s also 1x Room 104 Key as well. You can find Room 104 on the right-side of the hallway. If you get stuck, watch for the numbers on top of the doors.

Use the Room 104 Key on the door top open it up. Inside, move into the bathroom and then the adjacent doorway. This will reveal another Break Room. Make sure you save here!

When you emerge again, we’ll be in another lobby, this time with two paths to take. Make note of the signs on the wall. We want to go for the Ballroom, so take the left path for now.

On the way, you’ll find Room 205 on the left, which can be opened. Loot the dresser and grab some bullets and 1x Battery Pack. At the end of the hallway, you’ll be able to enter the Ballroom. In doing so, you’ll gain a new scene, Ballroom.



Kill any of the Taken that show up and make note of the Break Room just to the back of this area. There’s also 1x Manuscript Page on the table too.

Now, change the scene to Pre-Show Ritual and approach the Whiteboard.

Investigate both sections of the board and you’ll notice that the rehearsals have moved about to different rooms. This will now give you a solid lead – investigate the Rehearsal Room 219-202.

Before you leave, approach the table with the deer masks for another Casey monologue. After, go down the path on the left out of the ballroom (the other hallway we haven’t explored yet). Further up the lobby, you’ll find Room 219.

Go inside and toward the other end of the room. When you do, hold X to transfer the light.

The scene will change and a new door will appear. Head through and then into Room 202 ahead. This is basically the Rehearsal Room.


Rehearsal Room

When you enter the Rehearsal Room, it should pop up that there’s a new scene, “Rehearsal Room” available. Add Pre-Show Ritual for the Rehearsal Room in Alan’s Plot Board and there should be a new echo that shows up in the room. Move around so the black and cyan orbs are lined up, and watch the scene play out. You’ll gain a new Plot Element, Haunted.


Back To The Ballroom

Return to the Ballroom and add the new Plot Element, Haunted. Approach the table at the far end, next to the typewriter and align the Echo. You’ll now gain a new Plot Element, The Devil.

Before leaving, look on the ceiling behind the bar to find another Words of Power. However, make sure to take out all the shadows and return to the Break Room. Inside will be 1x Room 101 Key. Make sure you grab this from the table.

Switch the Ballroom Plot over to The Devil, and make sure to take out the enemies that show up. After, approach the typewriter and interact with it, to find writing from Scratch, mocking you.

Head down the hallway toward Rooms 224 and 223. Both will open and spew out a couple of Taken enemies. Destroy these guys and in Room 223, you’ll find a Trunk in the living room holding some bullets.

If you go into the hidden bathroom (to the right of the desk) you’ll find a Trunk in the shower holding a lot of goodies, including 1x Trauma Pack, bullets and 2x Flashbangs (pictured below).

In room 224, enter and head all the way to the far side. You’ll gain 1x Night Springs – Commercial. There’s also a Cooler in here with some bullets, and a trunk holding 1x Battery Pack and 1x Trauma Pack.

Now, follow the trail of blood and return back whence you came, through Room 225, past the Break Room and into the first floor lobby.

Head for Room 101 and with the key in hand, head inside and you’ll gain 1x Visions videotape. There’s also a lockbox in the bathroom holding some bullets. Oh, and a trunk by the side of the TV with some painkillers and 1x Trauma Pad.


Entrance Hall Again

With all this done, switch the Plot Element in the Entrance Hall to The Devil. The way forward will now show a big staircase heading up and a whole bunch of Taken appearing to stop you. Given how many swarm to this location, it’s a good idea to just rush past them all up the stairs to conserve your ammo.

On the 5th floor landing (if you’ve gone fast enough the shadows won’t follow), look up and align another Echo. It might be worth switching off your Flashlight if you can’t quite get it right first time.

Follow the Echo up the hallway and all the way through the hallway until you reach Room 666. It’ll be on its own at the far end of the hallway in a blood-spattered hallway. Inside is another Echo. Activate this and you’ll gain a new Plot Element, Climax.

Now be prepared to run, just like you did in the Collapsed Tunnel.

Rush through the hallways, escaping the Dark Presence and the Taken that show up. Go straight for the Break Room and save. Now, return to the main Rntrance Hall.

Switch over the Plot Element in the Entrance to Climax and activate the echo by the front door.


Finally The Final Scene

Naturally, we need a big climax to finish things off, so return to the hallway with the Final Scene and switch the Plot over to Climax. We’ll now have a new path to head down. Continue along the track and you’ll see strange echoes of a flooded tunnel. If you haven’t done this level yet, it’s actually foreshadowing Return 5’s main plotline in a neat little twist.

Now, approach the bath at the end and interact with it to trigger another cutscene. Alan will have his next destination – Parliament Tower.


Initiation 6 – Return

Exit out the hotel and head for Parliament Tower. Inside, approach the elevator and when it opens back to the Apartment you’ll gain 1x Poets of the Fall – The Happy Song on the radio.

Initiation 6 will properly begin here but given it’s a small chapter, we’ll just add it on the end of this one. Head through the apartment and straight into the kitchen. Read the emails on the computer, which will confirm that Barry Wheeler has joined a cult. 

Just behind this is the first of several TVs with scenes from Alice to watch. When the scene has finished, you’ll gain 1x Part 2-1 Videotape. Now, head up the end of the hallway and into the next room (pictured above). When it’s done, you’ll gain 1x Part 2-2 Videotape.

The next videotape is in the hallway. Watch this one to gain 1x Part 2-3 Videotape. Finally, go into the bedroom on the left behind this to gain 1x Part 2-4 Videotape. Approach the TV and hold X to enter. 

After the cutscene, we’ll be back in Alan’s writing room. He’s determined to draw up a new draft for himself, but this time the dressing room is flooded.

Masks will officially start here but if you haven’t already, now’s a good time to switch things over to Saga, so let’s go ahead and do that now. If you want to continue Alan’s story, check out the link below to return to the full walkthrough and select that chapter.

<< Initiation 4: We Sing

Return 5: Old Gods >>

You can check out our full walkthrough and game guide here!

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  1. Its is not a good idea to switch the ballroom scene and get the word of power. I avoided most enemies this chapter. I still dont have enough ammo to do that, well maybe if i use all flashbangs, aswell. But then id have 0 bullets left untill i get new ones and cant fight a single enemy anymore. Seems like a hardlock trap.

  2. Hey, thanks for commenting! To be fair there are a good number of reports for parts in this game bugging out. I’ve had it a few times playing through for this walkthrough; elements not popping, falling through the world and a couple of big glitches where things didn’t spawn.

    You need to enter the Rehearsal Room so it says “New Scene: Rehearsal Room” on the bottom left hand side. Then, open the Plot Board and add “Pre-Shot ritual” to the scene. Then there should be a cyan orb and a black orb in the room. Line them up and it will trigger an echo, leading to that new scene, Haunted.

    I’m not sure if this is a widespread issue on this level because others are reporting online of having problems with this one. Thanks for reading the guide and fingers crossed this clears things up!

    -Greg W

  3. Too complicated, I get as far as room 202 but when it says to do pre show ritual, then says watch echo, what echo? There’s none to watch and I can’t get any further, the goal still says investigate rehearsal room 219-202 but there’s nothing there to investigate. This game is either broken or your guide is missing something.

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