Alan Wake 2 Guide: “Initiation 4: We Sing” Walkthrough

Alan Wake 2 Guide: We Sing

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Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4


Scene 1

When you gain control of Alan, press X to interact with the typewriter. Feel Free to look at the Map, Plot Board and upgrade any stats with your Words of Power before you do.

We’ll now be in familiar territory, back in the dressing room with the TV blaring another show. This time though, things are about to get very weird!

Approach the TV and wait for Mr Room to introduce Casey before holding X (A) to enter. From your starting position, proceed forward along the linear track. It’s a good idea here to walk rather than run, given the way this musical plays out. 

The screens will regularly shift aside or disappear, with the track opening up as the song continues through its melody. If you run, you’ll find yourself stuck against a scene with seemingly no way to progress.

Continue round the track and descend the stairs. Interact with the TV when you’re ready by holding X (A) once more.


Scene 2

In this new area, descend down the stairs to your right and head diagonally across the ballroom. You’ll find a ladder you can climb up.

At the top of the platform, head round as far as you can go and then hold X to take the light. Now, descend this ladder and another part of the song will continue. This time, there will be a highlighted spot on the ground; the murder of Alex Casey. Approach the taped outline and grab 1x Flashlight.

When you emerge in the next area, you’ll be faced with all sorts of brick wall props and a taxi too.

In order to navigate through to the other side, you’ll want to follow the sign for the Getaway Club as it loops around the props (pictured above). Each sign will flicker on as you approach and have an arrow to show the exact location. 

Eventually it’ll loop round to a lamppost. Take the light and return to the taxi. Hold X to transfer the light into the headlamps. Approach the TVs in front of you and hold X to jump to the next part.


Scene 3

The third part of this musical episode will begin with you sliding over to the stage on what seems like a makeshift ferry. Listen to the music before the gate in front of you disappears and you can continue.

Head round and climb the ladder before grabbing the Flare Gun on from the table. When you continue, a whole bunch of Taken will begin coming at you one after another as you curl round the set.

To begin with, try to conserve the ammo for your Flare Gun until after the first skirmish. It’ also a good idea to try and group up enemies together before firing the Flare Gun. The gun has excellent range and ammo is a bit sparse in this section.

This can be done by holding R1 with your flashlight to keep enemies at bay and then when the next rushes down on the same spot, fire off a flare to kill two goons at once.

There are some red boxes along the way that hold spare ammo and Battery Packs, should you run low on supplies, but don’t become overly reliant on these as there aren’t too many of them.

Eventually you’ll come to a stairwell leading down and a bridge heading over to a house in the distance. There are a good deal of enemies here and the Flare Gun is excellent to take numerous Taken out at once as they’ll be bottlenecked close together. 

When they’re all dead, head up the stairs on the side and curl round to the TV. Once again, hold X (A) to interact and get sucked back outside to the dressing room.


Scene 4

Head through the door behind the dressing room and we’ll be back inside the musical again. Approach the ladder and climb up. When you do, open up the Plot Board on the left and add “Song’s End” to the scene.

 Turn around and activate the TV. Another big cutscene will ensue before you’ll be back in the studio again.

Exit out via the back entrance (pictured above), and be sure to save in the Break Room as you do.

Before answering the payphone, head all the way back to the TV store again to grab a missable collectible, 1x The Dark Presence videotape.

Now, return to the payphone and answer the call. After the brief cutscene, you’ll gain 1x Room 665 Key. If you try to enter through the front of the Oceanview Hotel, you’l be spat back out the front door via a loop. 

Instead, you want to head for the familiar alleyway from before, the one with the neon sign for the Mirror Peak Bar.

After the cutscene, head up the alleyway a little bit and this chapter will come to a  end.

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