Alan Wake 2 Guide: “Initiation 2: Casey” Walkthrough & All Puzzle Solutions

Alan Wake 2 Guide: Casey

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Find The Subway

Entering Caldera Station

Search For The Cult

Collapsed Tunnel

Derailed Train

Switching Lights In The Flooded Tunnels

End of the Line

Return To The Collapsed Tunnel

Initiation 3: Haunted


Find The Subway

When you first start the chapter, you’ll be tasked with finding the subway. If you open your map, you should find it quite easily. It’s just north of the Caldera Street Plaza and to the right of the TV store we visited at the end of Initiation 1. However, that’s not where we’re actually going straight away.

To begin with, we need to head down the Alleyway to the left of the street we’re currently on.

Head down the alley and watch the cutscene. When you gain control of Alan again, approach Casey and take the flashlight. Next, head for the lamp and hold X to take the light.

Now that the alley is in darkness, shine your flashlight to the left of this lamp and notice yellow arrows leading deeper into the graffiti-stricken alley. Follow this. At the end, you’ll notice your first Words of Power. This is Alan’s side of the skill upgrade tree, and these are dotted around the maps.

To start with, shine the flashlight against the Words of Power to gain 1x Words of Fix. 

Push open the door and we’ll be back in the alleyway again. Now, return to the main street back through the alleyway. Use your flashlight to destroy the shadows and your gun of course for those that turn into Taken and come at you.

Now that you’ve got the Alleyway Light, approach the station street and you’ll notice two lampposts flickering with lights. Approach the one on the right (next to the stairwell leading up) and hold X to transfer the light over.

Now, climb up the stairwell and across the train tracks, turn back from the direction you’ve come and up the ladder to the right. At the top, run straight into the door ahead (with the yellow hued light above) and down the stairs. When you emerge on the next rooftop, take an immediate left and into the safe room.

It’s a good idea here to save, and don’t forget to open the cooler by the door to receive 1x Battery Pack. When you’re ready, head outside and turn left and round the corner. Youll notice a glowing yellow arrow. Follow this. This will actually point us to another Words of Power, Word of Lamp.

Now continue on the main path, through the scaffolding and toward the door that says “Lost” above it. Before entering, take a small detour to the left and round the corner. There’s a cooler there holding some bullets and 1x Trauma Pad. Head through the “Lost” door and you’ll be back out on the street again.

Approach the lamp by the taxi and hold X to take the light. Before leaving this area, make note of the ladder to your left, leading up to some scaffolding (it’s behind the police car). climb up and head all the way to the very back of this platform. Just round the corner (arrows will show the location) is a box holding more bullets and 1x Battery Pack.

With the light now acquired, head east (so the police car is facing your left) and through the metal gate (pictured below).

Head immediately into the safe light and look past the phone boxes toward the next flickering light. This is our destination.

  1. Head over to the lamp and hold X to transfer the light. 
  2. The entrance to the subway is here (marked 2 on the screenshot above), but you may need to circle around behind the light so you can see the stairs leading down to the entrance.

Before descending the stairs though, head back to the original lamp (the one we used to climb up the stairs away from the station) and hold X to transfer the light. We will need that for the next section.


Entering Caldera Station

After descending the stairs, we’ll now be in the subway. Approach the flickering light and hold X to transfer the light. Now, head for the entrance and press X to use your Subway Pass. Before continuing, there are a few lockers here you can open, including one just to your left and one next to the ticket office. 

In this next section, you’ll have your first of many Echo puzzles. You’ll need to align the black orb perfectly against the cyan orb so they eclipse (pictured below). 

After watching the scene, you’ll gain a new plot element, Missing FBI Agent. From this point onward, we’ll be switching quite regularly between Alan’s Plot Board and real-time locations. As more story beats are uncovered, Alan can write these into the story to rewrite reality.

For the first one, open up the Plot Board and add Missing FBI Agent to the Caldera Entrance. This will change the scene to let us continue. 


Search For The Cult

Head down onto the train tracks and follow the path all the way along until the way forward is blocked by shadows. At this point, enter the door to the left and head down the stairs. 

You’ll find yourself in another tunnel, so from here continue along and into the door to the right (pictured above). This is another safe house. Just to the left of the doorway though, grab 1x Map of Subway.

Outside the save room. head along the diagonal path and into the abandoned subway train carriage. On the other side, you’ll emerge deeper into the tunnels, which look like this:


Collapsed Tunnel

Make note of the doorway to the left with the flickering light (we’ll be coming back here later) and instead go into the marked area to unlock a new scene, Collapsed Tunnel. Once more, open the Plot Board and add Missing FBI Agent to the scene. Line up the orbs to eclipse and watch the scene play out.

After, approach the rubble and press X (A) next to the blood spatter (marked with 9 on the floor). 

Leave the Collapsed Tunnel but do so via the doorway to the right. This leads deeper into the subway. Take a right and go all the way down the long hallway until you turn a corner. Before holding X to take the light, head into the room just to the right and open the lockers to reveal 1x Battery Pack and more bullets. 

Now, take the light and watch the echo to gain a brand new Plot Element, Murder Cult. 

With this plot element, return through the Collapsed Tunnel (you can add Murder Cult on the Plot Board here if you want but it doesn’t do much save for a neat aesthetic change).

Go into the doorway on the right with the flickering light (pictured above). When you do, hold X to transfer the light and continue into the next area.

You’ll notice some ominous humming coming from the doorway to the right. Before entering, open up the various lockers in this hallway and grab the goodies inside, which include battery packs and bullets. 

Now, head into the door to the right and up the stairs to find… Sheriff Breaker?!

Exhaust the dialogue options and check out both the map and the whiteboard before returning to the main path. At the end of the hallway to the right, open the door and a shadow will burst out and attack. 

Take this guy out and behind him, head up the stairs and into another safe room. You’ll also automatically gain 1x Murder Sites Videotape too, which is playing on the TV.

Open the lockers, take the goodies and then climb the ladder. Immediately, you’ll be faced with a new scene, Derailed Train.


Derailed Train

Before you change the scene, turn around and explore the tunnel. Inside you’ll find yellow arrows leading the way to another Words of Power up on the ceiling, Word of War.

Now, open the Plot Board and add Murder Cult to Derailed Train. This will open the way forward. There are also some Jerry Cans you can interact with by pressing X (A) next to the train. Take out the Projectile Taken by the doorway and proceed forward. When you do, open the cooler by the door to the left and into the next room just left of this location.

Line up the Echo just as before and watch the scene play out. You’ll now gain a new Plot Element, Torchbearers. With this collected, return to the Derailed Train and switch the Plot Board to Torchbearers.

The subway car can now be entered. Head all the way through to the other side and out the exit to the right. In the next room, there’s a door to the right that connects back to the Echo we just grabbed and a ladder leading down. Go down the ladder.

Head through the door into the next hallway and make note of the iron bars to the left. There’s a Words of Power, Word of Fix inside here (pictured below) but it will require you to blast through a good chunk of Taken to get it. There are also a couple of lockers here too which can be opened for Trauma Pads and bullets. 


Switching Lights In The Flooded Tunnels

At the bottom of the stairwell (back on the main path) descend down and you’ll find yourself in a flooded tunnel. There’s also a Safe Room on the left too where you can quick-save and avoid backtracking should you die. Hold X for the light and move to the sign on the right that says “Hunted”. Now, hold X to replace the light. 

This will now allow you to pass where the wall was originally. Head into this section (so you’re facing the graffiti boards) and hold X once more to put the light back. 

This will let you pass forward. Follow the hallway all the way down and to the left you’ll find another gate but a flickering light on the other side. hold X to replace the light and allow safe passage through to the next area.

Return back up the long hallway we just walked and at the end, hold X to take the light and allow us to move forward. Now, the passage to the right is open to us and we can continue on.


End of the Line

In the next area, you’ll find yourself in a much larger chamber with an impassable stairwell heading into the water on the left. Ignore this but do note the yellow arrows leading to another Words of Power, Word of Gun just on the side of one of the subway cars. Youll need to pass through one to get into this bigger area, but follow the arrows and you can’t go wrong.

At the far end, you’ll come to a bigger chamber with lamps all round. You’ll also gain a new scene, End of the Line.

Open the Plot Board and add Murder Cult. Now, you may not actually see this depending on where you’re standing in the room when you activate the scene. There’s an Echo high in the air so move round to the front of the table to see it.

Line it up with the black orb and watch the scene play out. This will then give you a new Plot Element, Summoning Ritual.

You can switch the scene here to Summoning Ritual if you wish but beyond the changes, there isn’t much else to see. 


Return To The Collapsed Tunnel

With everything seen here, exit out the main chamber and head back to the subway where you found the Words of Power on the side of. This time, you want to continue on the right, through the subway car with lights on and into the doorway on the right.

There are some Taken here so be wary of that, but there’s also another Words of Power, Word of Action, up on the wall. Be sure to destroy the Taken before you grab it. In the room to the right of this, there are a whole bunch of homeless shelters and lockers, but also another Echo to check out.  

Once you’ve defeated the enemies and opened the lockers, head out via the exit to the left (pictured above). At the top of the stairs is a save room and beyond that, next to the iron bars, you’ll find another Words of Power, Word of Fix.

For now, head in the door to the left, up the stairs and through the next doorway. You’ll now find yourself back in the Collapsed Tunnel again.

Head left when you emerge and follow the yellow arrows to pick up Words of Power, Word of Aid. Continue along and return to the Collapsed Tunnel (remember to go into the subway carriage to emerge on the other side). 

Inside the Collapsed Tunnel, add Summoning Ritual to the Plot Board and get ready to run. Head back into the subway car and tap X (A) repeatedly to open the door. Scramble into the Safe Room and wait for the Dark Presence to pass.

When it has, head back into the tunnel whence you came and run all the ay to the other side. 

Continue along until you reach a larger chamber. Approach Nightingale on the table and press X (A) to interact with the heart.

When that’s done, head through the tunnel behind Nightingale and watch the Echo. When that’s done, continue forward and back out the subway.

Before you leave completely, right on the platform you’ll find another Words of Power, Word of Gun, inside the subway car. We’ve marked it with an X so you can see the exact location (pictured below).

When that’s done, head back through the subway entrance, being sure to takE the light with you by holding X (A) when you do. 


Initiation 3: Haunted

Back on the street, head across the Plaza and into Parliament Tower. You’ll notice the huge apartment block in front of you; this is our destination so it’s not hard to miss.

In the entrance way, watch the Echo and then enter the elevator that opens up ahead. When you emerge into the apartment, Initiation 3 will begin. 

The reason we’re including it here instead of its own walkthrough chapter is because, to be honest, it’s rather short and there’s not a lot to do beyond watching video clips. 

First up, head into the bedroom. You can do this from the door to the right and then the next door to the right. You’ll find a letter on the bed and some pictures of Scratch.

Exit and head deeper into the apartment. Make note of the video camera on the coffee table.

In order to play the video clip we need the Memory Card, which can be found on the kitchen table. Approach and grab 1x Memory Card. Return to the video camera and insert it to watch the video. After, you’ll gain 1x Part 1 Videotape. 

On the projector screen, hold X to watch the cutscene play out. When you emerge, you’ll be in control of Saga again.

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