Alan Wake 2 Guide: “Initiation 1: Late Night” Walkthrough

Alan Wake 2 Guide: Late Night

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Take 1

Find A Way Out

The Talk Show Studio Basement



Take 1

We’re now in control of Alan Wake, navigating through the trippy and surreal world of the Dark Place. From your starting position approach the TV and watch the scene play out. Hold X (A) and you’ll find yourself on the talk show, In Between with Mr Door. 

When it’s over, stand up from the stage with all the lights out. From this position, head left to the end of the stage and follow the Exit sign above the open door. You’ll also notice the poster for Mr Room on the back too, to help guide you in the right direction.

Head down the hallway and enter the “Old Gods Of Asgard” band room on the left (the first one in the hallway). When you do, make note of the neon wall sign, reading 665 Neighbor of the Beast.

Return to the hallway and continue to the end. You can enter the next door on the left but beyond one book on the table, there’s not much else to see. Instead, approach the door and interact with the lock on the right.

Remember the Old Gods room? The door code is 665. 

Enter the next dressing room and beyond the TV on the left that can be watched, there’s nothing else here so proceed into the next hallway.

The door at the far end leads to the cafeteria but you’ll notice that it’s locked when you try to push it open. Circle back around and head into Storage (on the right as you ran up this hallway). The door is ajar so push it open and head round to the door. Interact with the doorknob and a short cutscene will ensue.


Find A Way Out

When you gain control of Alan again, interact with the typewriter after checking the Plot Board. We’ll now be back in the exact same area from before, awakening in the dressing room. 

Make note of the amusing newspaper on the table (pictured below) and then interact with the TV again.

When you gain control of Alan again, head all the way through the dressing rooms once more but be sure to stop by the Old Gods room again. The Neon sign will be flickering this time, hinting at the next code. Approach the door and enter the code 565.

Now, return to the storage room and open the door to the other side. In this big cafeteria area, there are a few rooms leading off to different areas. Ignore the Toilets, there’s nothing in there to collect. 

Instead, approach the Janitor’s closet (pictured below).

Just before you do, follow the Exit sign to the left and pick up 1x Talk Show Studio Map on the wall, just under the green fluorescent light. Head inside the room and exhaust the dialogue options with the Janitor. Eventually he’ll hand over 1x Janitor’s Key to get to the basement.


The Talk Show Studio Basement

Head out the closet and through the doors on the right, leading toward the exit.  The signs here will help point you in the right direction.

Interact with the basement door and use the Janitor’s Key to open it. Descend down the stairs and into the larger room. Follow the light to the very end and approach the table at the far end. You’ll notice a yellow box. Interact with it to gain 1x Angel Lamp.

The Angel Lamp essentially works the same way as Dumbledore’s deluminator, taking light away and replacing it at will.

With this in hand, hold X (A) to take the light away from this room. Now, return to the hallway whence you came and make note of the flickering light by the pipes we passed on the way in. Approach the metal grates near the flickering light and hold X to replace the light. Move forward into the next room so you’re directly under the light. Now, hold X (A) to take the light again.

Head up the stairs and immediately take a 180 turn to the right, through the exit sign and into another hallway. At the end will be a dark, flickering room.

With the light we gathered downstairs, approach the flickering monitor and hold X (A) to trigger a cutscene. You’ll also gain 1x The Dark Place videotape.



Head round the back of the TV monitors and up the stairs to return out to the Dark Place exterior. The aim here is to answer the payphone on the right… but don’t do that yet (location pictured below).

Instead, just to the left of the payphone, grab 1x Map of the Dark Place. With the map in hand, proceed beyond the payphone up the road we crossed to reach the payphone. You’ll see a neon sign for the Diner, and also Books. Just before the sign for Books, you’ll find a TV flickering outside a shop called Vision.

When you approach, a video will play, netting you 1x Writing videotape. Now, return to the Payphone and answer.

The person on the other end of the line will tell you to get to the Subway. They’ll also leave you behind 1x Subway Pass too. Now we have a good heading for where to go next.

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