Akuma-kun – Season 1 Episode 6 “Love and Hate” Recap & Review

Episode 6

In an island, there’s a contest happening. It’s related to a local deity, which is a friend of the original Akuma-kun. When they hand out the title Tori-Otome to Carmelita, the citizens realize she isn’t there. Far out, near the coast, the girl is dead, having a knife in her heart and being presented in a ritualistic way.

Akuma-kun and Mephisto get the help of Kaju, a pineapple-like demon, to reach the island. It works as a means of transport and takes them right to where the girl has been killed. There, Akuma-kun finds another demon’s nail.

However, before they can investigate anything, the police see them. They run and hide inside Kaju out in the sea. Gremory appears and says she will help them if she can get what she wants.

They go to a resort, where Carmelita’s mother works. They convince her they aren’t suspicious and that a demon is involved. As she saw what happened between Shingo and the local deity when she was a child, she believes them. She also provides shelter for them while they hide from the police. 

Later, Akuma-kun explains to Mephisto everything he knows about the demon’s nail. At the same time, Strophaia appears and spies on them. Watching the news, Akuma-kun realizes one of the police officers on the case has a promise ring, so he probably was dating Carmelita.

The same officer goes down to a cave and starts praying in front of a magic circle. Gremory appears and tries talking to him, finding out he summoned the demon that killed Carmelita. But she ends up making his guilt even worse, and he kills himself. The police find out his summoning circle and turn him into the culprit, saying he’s probably part of a satanic cult.

While Mephisto isn’t convinced, Akuma-kun couldn’t care less and uses the opportunity to investigate more about the nail. When he reaches the cave, Strophaia comes and tells him he’s the one who put the nail there. He also uses magic to allow them to see the officer’s spirit.

He says Carmelita was cheating him with the Mayor so he would help her start a modeling career. That’s why he summoned the demon.

Akuma-kun still ignores the case and asks Strophaia about the nail. However, instead of answering, he says the demon is out there and that Mephistois in danger. Akuma-kun runs to the rescue.

Meanwhile, Mephisto has a calm conversation with Adelina. Although it suddenly makes her so depressed she tries to kill herself in front of him. He stops her, but the demon wakes up and starts controlling her body.

Adelina remembers she is the culprit. Even though the demon made her angrier, she is at fault too. She regains control at the last moment and throws Mephisto out of the house.

When he wakes up, Akuma-kun is there with him and the house is burning with Adelina inside. There’s no way to save her, so Mephisto gets upset and cries. Before they leave the island, Mephisto says it’s the devil’s fault.

The Episode Review

This episode is a good example of another problem of this anime. Akuma-kun’s disinterest in what’s happening is so big, that it makes you indifferent to the situation. Even though there might be some interesting elements to it, you can avoid seeing everything in a duller way. He’s the protagonist, so if he’s bland, the world he takes part in ends up being similar.

Even though Mephisto is very emotional, he doesn’t grab our attention enough to balance things out. He should have more screen time and better scenes too. That would most likely help the plot get more interesting.

The case is okay. It isn’t big, but there’s an investigation this time. And it’s nice to see Gremory being a more relevant part of the cast. If the anime handles the main cast better, it’ll definitely be a major improvement.

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