Akuma-kun – Season 1 Episode 5 “Angel” Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Akuma-kun begins with Saito, a landlord, knocking on Nakayama’s door saying his rent is due, but no one answers.

After a while, Nishizono, another resident, helps him open the door. However, both are shocked when they encounter Nakayama dead on the floor with his body pierced by many nails. At the desk near his body, there’s a doll with a nail on her forehead.

Akuma-kun and Mephisto go to the inn to investigate. They are called because the landlord is worried the doll might be cursed. When they arrive, Mephisto and Akuma-kun see the room was completely closed when the murder happened. That makes Saito believe even more in the doll’s curse.

However, when Akuma-kun touches the nail piercing the doll, he gets glimpses of a red and eerie place and a person with a gas mask. It’s the same thing he sees in episode 1, which shocks him and makes him run from the inn, leaving the case to Mephisto.

Akuma-kun shows the object to his dad, who recognizes it and calls it a demon’s nail. Shingo also says he shouldn’t force open memories that are too hard to remember. However, Akuma-kun doesn’t like the answer and leaves the room upset.

Mephisto talks about the case with his mother, as she is seeking inspiration in her job as an editor. He says people heard Nakayama in his room around midnight, and some of the residents didn’t have alibies at that time, like Nishizono.

The landlord said Nakayama earned dirty money, as he was a scalper, but he still was a good person. Mephisto doesn’t know what to do, so his mom asks what Akuma-kun thinks about the investigation.

While Akuma-kun still obsesses over the demon’s nail, Mephisto asks for his help. Confident as always, Akuma-kun says he already has the solution. So they go to the inn.

Akuma-kun explains the case step by step. He talks about the techniques the killer probably used to lock the door after he left and how the sound people heard was actually a recording. All of those are things you can learn easily on the internet, so the person doesn’t need to have experience in murders. Also, one of the tricks only works if the person knows beforehand what type of lock a person has, so the culprit lives in the inn too.

Akuma-kun finishes by saying it’s Nishizono. Also, the reason the guy helped Saito earlier was probably to see if he didn’t leave any evidence. They just need to check his house and look for Nakayama’s money, which they find out is missing. Shortly after the police arrive and they find the money on Nishizono’s refrigerator.

A conversation with Mephisto about the doll makes Akuma-kun realize how he can learn what his visions are. He goes to his house and draws a magic circle, putting the nail in the middle.

A winged demon appears, calling Akuma-kun by the name Aeshma. The protagonist recognizes the creature, whom he calls Strophaia. The demon says he’s there to save Akuma-kun, who affirms that’s not what he wishes. Then, Strophaia starts talking enigmatically. His arrival seems to affect Shingo, breaking one of his possessions.

The Episode Review

The investigation is quite boring, and not really an investigation actually. Besides talking with some of the residents, which amounts almost to nothing at the end, nothing else is done. Akuma-kun arrives with an answer and they move on to something else.

The anime lost a good opportunity to develop Mephisto even more and show some of his qualities. As he is the secondary protagonist, that’s something we should see happening on-screen.

However, thankfully, the “something else” happening in the episode is very interesting. The nail plot is quite eerie, with mysterious visions and unexplainable sceneries. When Strophaia arrives, we get more questions than answers, which is the right call for now.

Surrounding the characters with more mystery and slowly revealing things will make for a more engaging watch. Also, the whole ritual scene has an ominous vibe perfect for anyone wanting horror elements.

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