Akuma-kun – Season 1 Episode 7 “Human” Recap & Review

Episode 7

Demura, a representative who wants to become prime minister, is almost fulfilling his wish. As a minister, he wants to end child poverty in the country. Many people support him thanks to that. When he is talking with his assistants, someone named Iino calls him.

He enters a hotel and goes to Iino’s room a bit reluctantly. The man is his secretary, but he has been blackmailing Demura. He says he’ll show a picture to everyone if the representative doesn’t give him more money. He also insults Demura’s father, calling him a hypocrite, which makes him furious. The representative turns into a demon and kills Iino.

Near to the body, there’s a photo of Demura with a strange tattoo and a scar on his arm. He leaves the room, and the scene cuts to the protagonists. 

Mephisto likes Demura, as his parents support him. However,  Akuma-kun says he rather trust in demons than in politicians, as all of them are bad. They go to the representative’s office, as they want to know where Iino is.

The secretary is one of their clients, so they want to contact him. Demura says he has been having the same problem, but before he can say anything else, one of his assistants interrupts him saying Iino is dead.

All of them go to his hotel and meet the detective handling the investigation. He already knows Mephisto and Akuma-kun from a previous case, so he lets them help. They show the detective the photo of a tattoo that Iino wanted them to investigate.

When they check the security cameras, they see Iino received room service after Demura went away. The secretary also visited the hotel’s cafe a day later and ate a crepe. Demura gets his alibi, however, Akuma-kun still suspects him.

Akuma-kun goes to Iino’s room and finds out he had allergies. After that, he and Mephisto go to the cafe. Akuma-kun explains the tattoo most likely belongs to Demura. It can be traced to a devil-worshipping organization in which the members tried to create a demon.

When the cafe staff arrive, Akuma-kun asks for hotcakes and Mephisto wants crepes. However, they find out the place doesn’t have crepes.

Gremory pretends to be Iino’s girlfriend and meets up with Demura. He gets angry, turns into a demon, and kills her. The politician transforms into her to create an alibi, but that’s when Akuma-kun and Mephisto show themselves. And, of course, Gremory says she’s alive and is a demon too.

Akuma-kun knows Demura is the culprit because the cafe sells galettes instead of crepes. They are very similar, but the galettes are made with buckwheat flour, which Iino was allergic to.

Demura says he never wanted to kill anyone, He just wanted to help and become a true human. Akuma-kun says it’s time to decide which one he is: demon or human. Depending on his answer, they’ll deal with him differently. However, Demura calmly says he’s a human, so he confesses his crimes.

Strophaia appears in Shingo’s house and says something hasn’t opened its eyes yet.

The Episode Review

Demura is an interesting character. The question at the end, of how he wants to be judged is very interesting. If the anime had more time to develop the organization that made him and his past, it’d have been even better.

By the end, Akuma-kun says Demura’s father must have loved him. That indicates Akuma-kun might finally be changing a bit, let’s hope it’s true. 

The case is a bit interesting, as you want to find out how Demura’s manipulated the footage. However, the anime also doesn’t give us enough time with the case. Basically, as soon as we get the first clues, we go to Gremory’s part and understand everything. Being rushed with the events is another big problem of this anime.

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