9-1-1 : Lone Star – Season 4 Episode 3 “Cry Wolf” Recap & Review

Cry Wolf

9-1-1: Lone Star season 4 episode 3 starts with Owen and O’Brien going out for a ride. O’Brien takes Owen to his nephew’s place and tells him a sad story about his nephew Andy, who has a son. A year ago, Andy got mixed up with the Honor Dogs and a  month before his disappearance he called his wife and said he won’t be coming home.

His wife claims that in the weeks leading up to Andy leaving, he was acting scared. The police said that Andy was not missing, he simply left his home and called to notify his wife. O’Brien claims that he is with the Honor Dogs to find out what happened to his nephew. As they talk, Jake ( Andy’s son)  accidentally hit Owen’s eye with his toy.

O’Brien asks for Owen’s help and says he doesn’t trust the FBI to help him. He wants his nephew back but is worried that Andy might end up in federal prison. He wants to know what the FBI knows or thinks the Honor Dogs are planning.

Elsewhere, Carlos and TK give their statement to the detective in charge of Iris’ case. The detective thinks that Iris left because she was angry about the divorce. TK comes forward and admits he met with Iris to discuss the divorce and she was not upset. Carlos believes Iris was abducted when she was working with the homeless. He is also angry that TK went to see Iris. He tells TK that he should have given Iris more time and heads out to help with the investigation.

The next morning, Ryder get more worried about Owen after seeing his bruise. Owen assures him it was a minor accident. He gets a call from Casey asking him to come into the FBI offices. Owen points out he is working but Casey reminds him that the case is urgent too. He promises to see her after his shift.

The 126 gets a call of a woman being thrown off a cliff. Carlos rushes to the scene worried that the woman might be Iris. He interrogates the boyfriend of the woman and is a bit harsh. The detective on Iris’s case calls him aside and Marjan and Strickland realize the woman in question is a sex doll. The man has been in therapy and he is ready to move on from his relationship with the sex doll. They decide to put on a show to help the man fully move on and tell the man that Krissie, died.

Later, Owen goes to the FBI offices and Casey tells him that they know the device is back with him. Owen lied he went back to get the device out of fear. Casey asks him to replant the device and as she leaves to grab another one, Owen steals a picture of Andy from the case board.

The following morning, Grace gets a 9-1-1 call from Iris saying she has been kidnapped. Grace helps trace her location while advising Iris what to do. Unfortunately, her kidnapper is sleeping on a mattress and blocking the only exit. Grace calls Carlos and they narrow down the possible location the perpetrator might be holding her. Grace realizes that Iris is being held in an abandoned building. She notifies the police and Carlos rushes to get there.

They get there as quickly as possible and start searching the abandoned houses one by one. They also put up a drone and start canvassing the area. Sadly, the kidnapper wakes up before the police get to her and Grace loses connection. Luckily, Iris screams and the police on the ground are able to hear her. Carlos rushes into the house to find a barely conscious Iris bleeding from her head.

The paramedics give her first aid and she is shaken up. The detective in charge of the case, calls Carlos aside and tells him that there is no sign of the culprit. They take Iris to the hospital and the detective gets her statement but it is clear that she doesn’t believe Iris.

The detective thinks that Iris had one of her schizophrenia episodes. Iris begins to wonder if she is getting worse even though she has been taking her medication. Carlos decides to stay with her in the hospital and TK agrees he should stay with her. TK feels guilty for going to see Iris about the divorce.

Tommy tells TK that he shouldn’t blame himself. He thinks that he triggered Iris’s schizophrenic episode. While at the hospital, Carlos assures Iris that he believes her and leaves to check out the crime scene again.

Meanwhile, Owen, the firefighter turned amateur sleuth tries to convince O’Brien to let him help find his nephew. He shows O’Brien the photo of Andy he stole from the FBI and tells him about the Honor Dogs possibly stealing a shipment of ammonium nitrate. Owen thinks Andy is the FBI source and asks if O’Brien knows where the Honor Dogs train.

They hatch up a plan to find a way to get into the training centre also known as the farm. To get access, one has to be branded and they find an egotistical dummy in the roadhouse and trick him into showing them the farm.  Once at the farm, they sneak into the container room and find the stolen ammonium nitrate and lots of guns.

Owen leaves to meet with Casey in a parking garage and he tells her about the farm and the ammonium nitrate. Casey arrests him for stealing Andy’s photo from their office. Casey tells him they got a warrant and raided the farm but the ammonium nitrate is missing.

She asks about O’Brien and tells him that he got played. O’Brien is a founding member of the Honor Dogs and tricked Owen into telling him everything the FBI has on the group. He later had his men take out the ammonium nitrate and knew the FBI will find nothing. This way, their star witness is already discredited. They release Owen and Casey tells him they are done.

The episode ends with Carlos finding a hidden underground exit at the crime scene. He follows the exit and it leads him to another house. Before he can call for backup, someone strikes him on the head and he loses consciousness.

The Episode Review

It is sad that Owen keeps getting betrayed by men he considered his friends but I also found the situation a tad funny. He blindly walked into that trap and his face when Casey told him he got played said everything he felt. However, this is a serious matter and the FBI will have to work overtime to stop the attack.

I felt for Iris, it can’t be easy living in a world where you can’t trust yourself because your mind understands reality differently. She always has to question what is real and what is an illusion. There is a sense of relief that she was actually kidnapped and it was not a schizophrenic episode but that also means she was in danger and the culprit is still out there.

I hope Carlos will survive this and the detective will stop assuming and actually listen to victims. If only the detective had investigated further instead of simply assuming Iris had another schizophrenic episode.

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