9-1-1 : Lone Star – Season 4 Episode 2 “The New Hot Mess” Recap & Review

The New Hot Mess

9-1-1: Lone Star season 4 episode 2 starts with Grace receiving a call from a woman whose house is being stolen. She lives in a trailer and her ex-husband is stealing her house. He is driving on the highway and refuses to pull over. Owen is forced to take a different approach and sends Marjan to carry out a helicopter rescue. Once the ex-wife is rescued, police arrest the man.

After the rescue, Owen meets with the Fbi to talk about his association with the Honor Dogs. The FBI tells him that the group is on their domestic terrorism radar and they stole a truck of explosive gas to prepare for an attack. Owen is asked by Agent Casey to plant a listening device into the private office at the roadhouse.

The FBI is hoping they will be able to collect enough evidence to bring in the Honor Dogs. Owen is hesitant and wonders why the FBI won’t use their source to plant the device but Casey convinces him they need his help.

Elsewhere, Tommy visits Grace in the office. Grace is curious why Tommy missed a church meeting but she lies and says she had a thing. She asks if Trevor called Tommy and Tommy says she is not ready to have a relationship with Trevor. She promises to call Trevor and let him know she is not interested. Grace is surprised that Tammy is denying her attraction to Trevor but drops the matter.

On the other hand, Iris visits Carlos and TK for their dinner and she asks some really uncomfortable questions. She is worried that TK has been in many dangerous situations that led to him being in three commas. She asks for time to read the divorce papers and think about the divorce before signing. Before she leaves, she tells TK he is exactly what she expected and this remark bothers TK.

The next morning, TK tells Nancy about his frustrations with Iris. He says she is holding his wedding to Carlos hostage and wonders what her leaving remark meant. Nancy advises him to ask Iris what she meant and talk to her about the divorce again. As they talk, Nancy notices that Trevor is at the fire station and rushes to inform Tommy.

Trevor stopped by to thank the team for saving his life twice. He asks Tommy why she ran away on Sunday after the sermon. Tommy apologizes for flirting with him and points out that she didn’t know he was a pastor, more specifically, her pastor. Trevor invites her to dinner and she is so flustered by his charm that she finds herself saying yes.

Later that evening, Owen goes to the roadhouse to plant the listening device. He acts like he is there for the free drinks and has a casual conversation with Red. He excuses himself to go to the toilet and plants the device in the office. He is spotted by O’brien who is surprised to find him in the office.  They get drinks and O’Brien asks why Owen is at the roadhouse. Owen tries to keep his cover but O’Brien sees through his lies. He warns Owen that he is playing with fire and asks him to leave.

Owen is shaken by the encounter and asks Agent Casey to meet him in a parking garage. Casey tells him to calm down and that as long as he planted the device, he is done.  Owen realizes that he was supposed to activate the device but he didn’t. Casey asks him to go back and turn it on when O’Brien is not there.

Meanwhile, Tommy is at home, having a steamy dream about Pastor Trevor. Dear sweet lord!  That is all  I can say about that dream! The next morning she asks Owen for advice about what to do given that Trevor is her pastor. Owen advises her to take back up on the date.

Tammy is not the only one facing a dilemma, TK takes Nancy’s advice and visits Iris to talk about the divorce. Iris tells him that she thinks that the divorce is a mistake and TK misunderstands what she means. Iris clarifies that she wants to file for an annulment because she wants TK to be the first real marriage Carlos has.

TK is happy to hear that Iris has no intention of destroying his relationship with Carlos. They hug and he asks her about her remark. Iris explains that she meant he is a hot mess, a project that Carlos always needs to fix. She thinks TK could be Carlos’ life’s work. Ouch!

Later that night, TK gets grumpy thinking about what Iris said. He tells Carlos that maybe their marriage is a bad idea. Carlos reassures him that he loves him and whether he is a mess or not. As they makeup, he gets a call from a fellow police officer.

Night rolls by, and Tammy prepares for her dinner date with her backup plan. Trevor is surprised to find Grace, Ryder and their daughter were also invited to their date.  Grace is quick to read the situation but Ryder is a bit slow. After dinner, Trevor leaves and Grace scolds Tommy for using them as buffers. Luckily, Trevor comes back and kisses Tommy making his intentions to date her pretty much clear.

In the meantime, Owen gets a surprise visit from O’Brien who brought back the listening device he planted at the roadhouse office. He asks Owen who he is working for and asks him to join him on a ride.

The episode ends with Carlos arriving at a crime scene, unfortunately,  Iris is missing, and her car was found abandoned with the divorce papers on the front seat.

The Episode Review

It is so exciting to see the chemistry between Tommy and Trevor. I can’t wait to see how long Tommy will hold on until she gives in to her feelings. It is understandable why she is not ready but I think Trevor is a better choice compared to the last man she was with. It was uncomfortable watching her dating her brother-in-law last season.

The whole situation with Iris is so annoying and I don’t understand why the writers brought her story. Carlos and TK have been through enough and this whole storyline was not necessary. Either way, I hope they find her and we can move past this situation.

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