9-1-1 : Lone Star – Season 4 Episode 4 “Abandoned” Recap & Review


9-1-1: Lone Star season 4 episode 4 starts with Carlos waking up and seeing a woman preparing breakfast and singing happily. His hands and legs are bound and the woman informs him that she was the one who hit him with a shovel. She also tells him that TK has been calling him and that she destroyed his phone.

Carlos sees a dead body hidden in one of the kitchen cabinets but the woman insists she didn’t kill the girl. She claims that the girl had an unfortunate accident. Carlos asks her to kindly untie him but she tells him that her boy will be home soon and he would love to meet him.

Elsewhere, Owen is once again meeting with the FBI after O’Brien sent him a message asking him to meet him. Casey insists he wears a wire and records the meeting. She is hoping O’Brien has changed his mind and is willing to open up to Owen. Owen, on the other hand, thinks O’Brien wants to kill him which is why he asked to meet in a secluded place. Casey jokes that an attempted murder could work in their favour and get O’Brien to snitch on the Honor Dogs.

As they discuss the operation, Owen gets a call from TK asking for advice. He is worried that Carlos is mad at him and wants to know if he should wait or go see Carlos. His dad advises him to give Carlos his space and let him be.

TK is still worried and thinks something is wrong since Carlos has not responded to any of his messages. Marjan agrees with him that even if Carlos was angry, it is unlike him to ghost TK. TK asks Nancy to call the hospital and check on Iris and Carlos. Nancy calls and learns that Iris spent the night alone and Carlos left sometime at night around 10 pm. This makes TK worry more and he asks Grace to trace Carlos’s phone. Grace calls him back and informs him that Carlos’s phone is disconnected which can only mean the phone died or broke.

TK heads over to Carlos’s parents’ home but they have not seen Carlos either. Grace calls him again and tells him that according to Carlos’s phone records, he was the one he last called. She also tells him that Carlos’s phone last pinged near the house Iris was held captive. TK and his dad (he is a texas ranger) head over to the house hoping to find answers.

In the meantime, Carlos meets Darryl, the son of the lady who bound him in her kitchen. The mother and son have quite an unusual relationship. She has been covering her son’s tracks even though she knows he is a serial killer. Darryl asks for morphine to kill Carlos but their supply is low. He gives Carlos the last of it and goes to close the underground opening. After closing the underground opening, he dumps Carlos’s car and heads over to the pharmacy where he works to steal more morphine.

In the meantime, his mom watches Carlos and she tells him that it is not personal. She just wants to protect her son and she blames an accident he had when he was younger as the reason he turned out to be a monster. TK  and Carlos’s dad, Gabriel call the detective on Iris’s case. TK finds an ID of a homeless woman who Iris was trying to help before she was abducted. They canvass the area and TK even speaks to Darryl’s mom but he doesn’t suspect Carlos is inside the house.

The detective starts an investigation and believes that Iris and the lady were abducted by a serial killer who has been killing homeless women with mental health illnesses. TK fears for the worst but Gabriel asks him to remain hopeful. TK notices that the women all went to the same pharmacy to get their medication. Gabriel and TK follow that lead and find out that Darryl is the pharmacist who filled the prescriptions for all the missing ladies. He also lives across the house where Iris was found.

On the other end, TK is unable to reach his father who is dealing with a crisis of his own. Owen went to meet O’Brien but it was a trap. Red along with other Honor Dogs forced him to set the meeting. Red thinks that O’Brien and Owen are snitches sent by the FBI.  Owen learns that he was wrong about O’Brien, he founded the group but left it years ago.

He only came back to investigate what happened to his nephew. He had been gone for so long that no one in the current Honor Dogs even recognizes him. Red refuses to tell him what happened to Andy, he only says he is gone. This infuriates O’Brien and he almost gets into a fight with Red. In the end, Owen admits he is the snitch and is kicked out of the group. The FBI also want nothing to do with him and kicks him and O’Brien to the curb.

As Gabriel and TK learn of the identity of the suspect, Carlos tries to shout for help but unfortunately, the police outside fail to hear him. Darryl’s mom threatens him with a knife so he opts for another method. He talks her into setting him free but sadly, Darryl comes back before he is able to escape. They start fighting and just as Carlos overpowers Darryl, his mom changes her mind and injects him with a whole bottle of morphine.

Luckily, TK and Gabriel barge in at that moment and save Carlos. Later, Carlos thanks TK for saving his life and they ride together to the hospital.

The episode ends with a man in a hoodie making a bomb. It looks like he was the one who moved all the ammonium nitrate. It also looks like he is targeting Owen and the 126.

The Episode Review

It was an intense 43 minutes where we agonized whether Carlos would make it out alive. Thankfully, TK wasted no time in sensing something was wrong and got help. I shudder at the thought of what would have happened had he waited for Carlos to reach out. By the looks of it, Carlos is no longer angry about what happened with Iris so I hope he can recover from this recent trauma.

I am glad O’Brien turned out to be a good guy. Owen is really bad at helping the FBI. As far as snitches go, he is the worst. Why did he blow his cover like that?  Unfortunately, I doubt the FBI is done with him.

Based on the ending of the episode, we are in for more life-threatening moments. Let us hope and pray 126 will survive.

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