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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist returns this week and switches its focus to that of Zoey’s boss Joan, as we see a stand-alone chapter and a clue as to how most of these episodes are likely to play out for the rest of the season. There’s a consistency to the different songs chosen too, with each tying into the theme of the episode that works really well here.

It’s crunch time at work and we begin episode 3 with the programmers working overtime, bending over backwards for Joan. At midnight, Zoey and Max clock off together but as Zoey heads into the toilets, she hears Joan singing Satisfaction.

Zoey heads off to the nightclub and takes the opportunity to ask Mo her advice on what this means. After some words of wisdom, she heads back over with the group where she talks to Simon while Max and his new girlfriend go off dancing together.

Back home, Zoey hooks up her Father with a makeshift laptop, one that should hopefully resolve the simplistic yes/no butto,n but as the group expect him to spell out something profound or touching, he simply writes “Lemonade”.

The next day Zoey tries to talk to Joan about her issues but she brushes it off. However, when Zoey casually mentions her husband it touches a nerve, prompting our protagonist to edge away, knowing she’s opened a can of worms.

Unfortunately this is the worst possible move, as she begins to hear satisfaction everywhere she goes; in car horns, a ringtone and even a marching band. She speaks to Mo again and tells her about the song following her. Mo simply tells her the universe won’t let her go with a “thank u, next”, leading her back into work to speak to Joan… who encourages her to day drink and miss dinner back home.

When she finally shows up at her parents’ house, she finds a frazzled Maggie forcing a grin as family friends arrive. In the kitchen she begins making a cheese-board to entertain the guests but as she does, she begins singing Broken Heart. This song is a poignant reminder that Mitch’s lack of affection is starting to hurt her feelings.

At work the next day, Joan thanks Zoey for her talk the previous night as Charlie arrives, just in time for a musical rendition of “Superstar”. At lunch they talk about their marriage together, but it leads him to walk out on them as we see a softer side to Joan, trying in vain to put on a tough exterior.

Outside, she asks Simon if she can get another influencer at short-notice and after a hilarious rendition of “No”, Simon smiles and says yes. The team scramble and begin phoning celebs, including Max who manages to get Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo to jump in…but Charlie changes his mind at the last second, prompting Max to make an awkward call to cancel this big scoop.

After Maggie’s outburst in the grocery store sees her banned for life, the siblings decide to try and work together for the sake of their mother. Although she pushes back, Mitch writes out “You’re amazing. Let them help” on the laptop, which is enough for Maggie to agree to let the kids help and a small reminder that Mitch does appreciate her.

Back at work, Joan breaks things off with Charlie, leading Zoey to encourage her boss to stand up and do the demo on the watch on her own without him. As she heads out, she sings Roar by Katy Perry en-route to the stage, empowered and ready to go.

The night is a big success too and it’s enough for Zoey to congratulate Simon as they start dancing together where the episode ends.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist returns with another good episode this week, one that sees more of Zoey’s parents’ woes and also a softer side to Joan too. It’s this empowering side of the drama that works so well, showcasing the power of music and how therapeutic and helpful it can be in life. There truly is a song for everyone and as Zoey’s Playlist proves, that song can touch you profoundly and speak volumes about what you’re going through.

Quite what the rest of the episodes have in store remains to be seen but for now, this musical drama continues to impress and hit the right notes.


This Week’s Playlist

(I can’t get no) satisfaction – Rolling Stones
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart – Mary Steenburgen
Superstar – Michael Thomas Grant
No – John Clarence Stewart
Roar – Katy Perry


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