Yumi’s Cells – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Blind Date

Episode 2 of Yumi’s Cells begins with Wu-Gi agreeing to go with Yu-Mi to the festival. Only, there’s a problem. There’s a Cell missing, which happens to be locked up. And that Cell? None other than Fashion. It turns out he was imprisoned after splashing out a massive amount of money on an outfit, dipping into Yu-Mi savings.

Well, with Love Cell back leading the charge, Fashion is out on parole and given a big task. He needs to help dress Yu-Mi for her upcoming date. Cleverly Fashion goes with a subtle, casual look but done effortlessly.

Wu-Gi is already at the flower festival when he rings, eventually leading to Yu-Mi scrambling to meet in time. When she learns that Wu-Gi has actually memorized her number, it sets off fireworks across Cell Land as they all believe she’s found love.

At the festival though, Ru-Bi shows up unannounced after numerous calls to Yu-Mi’s phone. No matter. Yu-Mi runs through the park and surrounding area, dodging Frisbees and outrunning runners to try and find Wu-Gi. Eventually she catches up to him and leads the guy away from the Festival – and Ru-Bi’s prying eyes.

As they sit and have coffee together, Wu-Gi suggests they head out and watch the fireworks together that night. It’s certainly a romantic gesture but as he asks about her preferences…. he asks whether she would be wiling to go on a blind date. It turns out all of this was a ploy to help Yu-Mi find a love interest that’s not Wu-Gi.

It completely shatters her – and even more so when she learns that Wu-Gi is actually gay. He feels close to her and trusting, hence the reveal, and asks again about the blind date. This time though, Yu-Mi decides to take him up on the offer, but it doesn’t stop her from hurrying away, trying in vain to hide her tears.

Now, Yu-Mi’s date happens to be a guy called Gu-Woong and he’s given Yu-Mi’s number from Wu-Gi. As she reads the message, her shattered heart results in True Feelings and Love isolated in the wake of a big flood at Cell Land. Yu-Mi is clearly still hurt but she puts on a brave face and laughs through the pain.

Anyway, the day of the big date arrives and as Gu-Woong and Yu-Mi trade text messages, they eventually lay eyes on one another. As they do, Gu-Woong finds himself completely smitten.

Now, it turns out GU-Woong too has a Cell Land but unlike her his is devoid of working cells and his mind is a complete blank.

He’s clearly nervous but the pair do eventually make it to the coffee shop in one piece. Yu-Mi has her mind made up and she’s not a fan of him. Only, things are about to get worse when Woong’s Humor Cell kicks in, dressed like a jester. Unfortunately he’s really not funny but he believes that it is. As Yu-Mi laughs nervously, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Poor Yu-Mi! Thee truth about Wu-Gi is revealed and it turns out he’s actually gay, It’s a nice little twist and one that explains why he’s been trying to hook her up with Wu-Goong all this time, who seems to be just as hopeless in love as her.

The depiction of him drawing a blank and panicking with awful humour is unfortunately something that rings a little too close to home and the differences between Yu-Mi and Gu-Woong’s Cell Lands are really fun to watch.

The actual romcom plot is nothing new but the way this show spins that into something wholly unique through the inclusion of these Cells makes it a very enjoyable watch.

This is a charming, hilarious K-drama and the ending certainly hints that we’ve got lots more drama on the cards going forward.

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