Yumi’s Cells – K-Drama Episode 1 Recap & Review

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Episode 1 of Yumi’s Cells begins with Yu-Mi waking up after a romantic dream with one of her colleagues from work. Yu-Mi has been living alone for 4 years and unfortunately doesn’t have a boyfriend. The last time she had a date was 3 years back too.

It’s not all bad though and Yu-Mi’s intent focus on work sees her promoted up to assistant manager. Things are looking good but for one problem. Wu-Gi. Remember the guy from her dreams? Well, he happens to be working in the sales department at Yu-Mi’s workplace, Daehan Noodles.

After some deliberation, Yu-Mi decides to ask Wu-Gi out. Or, well, she would if she didn’t have such a massive workload.

Those voices inside Yu-Mi’s head happen to be her cells, with each one representing a different emotion. To begin with, Rationality and Sensitivity discuss what Wu-Gi’s deal could be, eventually leading to Yu-Mi heading over to see Wu-Gi midway through a meeting. Anxiety kicks in though, leading to her bailing and heading back to her desk.

Although the cells work together to help Yu-Mi work hard, a giant appears in the cell world. And that giant? Hunger. This causes Yu-Mi to rush out and get some food to quell her cravings. In doing so though, she runs into Wu-Gi noodles and it seems like sparks fly between them.

Detective Cell also believes this is true, dissecting Wu-Gi’s actions and deducing that this is a ploy to try and work with her to do overtime. When Yu-Mi mentions how much work she’s doing, Wu-Gi smiles and nonchalantly replies that he won’t be working. However, he does agree to take her home after, showing up at her desk as a surprise.

Knowing that Wu-Gi is waiting for her, Yu-Mi works double-time to try and get all of her work done so she can head home with her crush. Interestingly though, Section Chief Nam actually wants to go home with her but she brushes this aside and continues on with meeting Wu-Gi.

Meddlesome Ru-Bi shows up though and completely crashes the party. Yu-Mi is dropped off first, which destroys all the fireworks and good vibes she had as she realizes Ru-Bi and Wu-Gi are now spending precious time alone.

In the morning, we learn a little more about the cells and their hierarchical structure. Now, it seems like each individual person has one dominant cell that’s called the “Prime Cell”. Yu-Mi’s prime cell happens to be Love but given her lack of romance lately, she’s gone from the cell village.

At work, Yu-Mi struggles to smile through Ru-Bi and Wu-Gi growing closer together. Believing they’re romantically linked, a big spanner is thrown in the works when they both invite her along to the flower festival on Sunday.

The section chief is then invited too, setting up what appears to be a double date of sorts. Only, the cells don’t want this to happen, especially given Yu-Mi sees Section Nam as a good friend. According to Detective Cell, all of this Ru-Bi’s big trap.

Eventually Yu-Mi’s well-placed joke ends up with Yu-mi and Wu-Gi heading off alone to their date together. While the different cells argue over the best way of progressing forward, given Ru-Bi keeps interfering, Love suddenly reappears, battered and bruised but ready to lead the cells forward.

The Episode Review

Ever wonder what a k-drama version of Inside Out would look like? Well, wonder no more. Yumi’s Cells is an utterly adorable and clever spin on the usual romcom format. The animation is well worked and the sheer number of different cells helps to keep the comedy flowing and the story vibrant. There’s even a Fishing Cell too!

Yu-Mi is an easy character to empathize with, although given how early in the show it is, I can’t see this date going well. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see poor Yu-Mi embarrassed or learn that Wu-Gi only sees her as a friend. Or we could even see the beginnings of a love triangle as another love interest comes into play for Yu-Mi. We shall see!

Either way, the first episode sets things up beautifully, with a nice little cliffhanger at the end ready for the follow-up. Will Yumi’s date go ahead as scheduled? Or is there another twist to come?

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