Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 13 Recap & Review

A Frat Party, a Sleepover and the Mother of All Blisters

Episode 13 of Young Sheldon season 6 with Sheldon discovering Paige partying in the dorm room next to his. Paige tries to make Sheldon leave so he doesn’t tell the other students her age, but he refuses to leave her alone. Paige whisks him away and they leave for dinner.

Dale forces Meemaw to watch a Dinosaurs show, even though she clearly dislikes it. Mandy arrives home and goes to her room, not wanting to disturb Meemaw and Dale. Following that, Meemaw and Dale engage in some friendly banter.

Sheldon tries to talk sense into Paige, trying to persuade her not to party, drink, or take drugs. Paige, on the other hand, appears to be lonely and hurt by her situation. While having dinner with Sheldon, Paige meets a guy who gives her the address of a place where a party is being held. Sheldon continues to persuade Paige not to use drugs, but she goes on to ignore him.

Dale and Meemaw are getting frisky and arguing loudly at Meemaw’s house, so Mandy leaves and goes over to George’s house.

Paige goes to another party despite Sheldon’s request that she not go. Paige asks Sheldon to leave and goes inside when he hesitates. Sheldon, on the other hand, needs to pee and has no choice but to use the party house. Sheldon meets Missy at the party, and they both begin looking for Paige.

At home, Mary and George Sr discover that Missy is not at Heather’s house and that she lied and went elsewhere. Mandy assures Mary and George that Missy is probably at a party. On the other hand, Sheldon and Missy are kicked out of the party after Sheldon turns off the sound system to tell Missy something concerning Paige.

Dale gets a cramp at Meemaw’s house while they’re getting frisky, and Meemaw tells him they should call it a night. Meanwhile, Missy is causing great concern for George Sr and George Jr. They end up going out to look for her despite not knowing where she could be.

Missy and Sheldon find Paige with another guy as she prepares to leave for another party. Missy then makes a remark about Paige’s age, and the guy walks away, leaving Paige alone. Missy and Sheldon track Paige down after she runs away, and Missy has a conversation with her. Missy reassures Paige that she is not alone and that she is always there for her. Missy settles Paige into Sheldon’s dorm room bed and asks him to sleep down that night.

Seeing as Missy is missing, George Sr and Mary are unable to sleep that night. Following that, Mary and George have a heartfelt conversation and agree to yell at Missy when she returns.

After staying up all night, George Sr and Mary are having tea while waiting for Missy to return. When they inquire about the previous night, Missy returns home and lies to them. Following that, George and Mary pounce on Missy.

The Episode Review

Paige, one of the most interesting side characters, makes an appearance in this episode. This character appears to be the only one smarter than Sheldon, and her banter with him is entertaining. In this episode, we see Paige’s lost, hurt, and mentally unstable side. Hopefully Paige makes more appearances on the show since she’s such a fascinating character.

Overall, the episode is light and entertaining, and it deviates from the main plotline by incorporating a side character in. While the entertaining segments are enjoyable to watch, we hope the show makes some progress in terms of the main plotline.

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